Demaryius Thomas was the best receiver that played for the Denver Broncos since he took over the lead role upon the departure of Brandon Marshall. The 30-year-old wide receiver had five straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons for the Broncos, with his best year coming in 2014 when he caught 111 balls for 1,619 yards and 11 touchdowns. However, he struggled in 2017 thanks to the Broncos having some of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. Things only slightly approved this season with Case Keenum taking the reigns in Denver and Thomas only had one 100-yard game this year.

The Broncos traded Thomas at the deadline to the Houston Texans and the receiver was not happy.

Demaryius Thomas on his trade

In a strange turn of events, the first team that Demaryius Thomas played after the trade to the Houston Texans was -- the Denver Broncos. Against his former team, Thomas caught three balls for 61 yards -- his fourth-highest yardage total of the season. That was pretty good considering he had less than a week to learn the Texans playbook.

With an all-pro on the other side of him in DeAndre Hopkins, Thomas looks to be in a better spot this season, although it might be just a one-year deal since Will Fuller V owns that spot with the Texans when he returns from his injury.

Thomas was not happy and said that he was told by the Denver Broncos at the start of the season he would be the only receiver losing playing time so they could get the young receivers more playing time.

He also said that Denver lied to him about wanting to trade him and that he was still heartbroken that he was not chosen to be a team captain.

It's time for Thomas to 'move on'

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph was disappointed to hear what Demaryius Thomas had to say. He said that Thomas is not a Bronco anymore and that both sides just need to move on.

Joseph then said that Thomas was not completely honest in his complaints.

When it comes to the team captain controversy, it is up to the team to choose their own captains and they chose brand-new quarterback Case Keenum and center Matt Paradis over Thomas. That was the Denver Broncos teammates decision and not the front office or coaches.

Joseph also said that the Denver Broncos have great respect for Demaryius Thomas and he is sorry that the wide receiver remembers the conversations the way he does. Joseph said he is disappointed because he does not see the conversations about the trade and playing time happening as Thomas described but that it is now time to move on.