Following three consecutive seasons with a 7-9 record, the Buffalo Bills expected to improve in 2009, especially with Dick Jauron in his fourth season. Improving the team started with their first-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Aaron Maybin. Maybin was expected to improve a pass rush and a defense that would need to be great to help Buffalo make the playoffs. I also want to highlight these six players fantasy football owners should have targeted in Week 7.

Aaron Maybin's career

Unfortunately, Maybin's time with the Bills was a complete disappointment.

He played in every single game for the Bills in his rookie season, but had only 18 tackles and failed to record a sack. In his second year as a Buffalo Bill, Maybin was benched after just six games. Maybin remained on the roster in his second year but was then cut by Buffalo after just two years. The former first-round pick was then signed by the New York Jets, where he had much more success.

Maybin ended his first season in New York with six sacks. Unfortunately, he didn't last in his second year and was cut once again. After losing his roster spot on the Jets, Maybin never played a down of regular season NFL again. He retired in 2014, just five years after he was drafted. As Bills fans watch this week, I wanted to point out that Sean McDermott is suggesting Nathan Peterman could start.

He is still well known to Buffalo Bills fans as a first-round bust, especially because he lasted for just two years with the team as a first-round pick.

Thanksgiving appearance

On Thanksgiving Day, Buffalo Bills fans watching football will have to endure the Aaron Maybin saga once again. CBS is planning on doing a feature on him.

For any Bills fans interested in watching, this feature on Maybin will air prior to the 12:30 game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. The feature will focus specifically on Maybin's life after football, in which he has flourished as an artist in the city of Baltimore.

According to Buffalo News writer Tim Graham, Maybin has been able to work as an artist and depict the community and scenes within which he lives. He finds his passion in the artwork, and in Graham's article, he states that the NFL was just a way for him to earn money for his family.

And his time in the NFL didn't come without challenges. He made mistakes as a young man, getting two different women pregnant. One of his would-be-children died at birth prior to training camp. He struggled in his first two years in the NFL after that development, and in the CBS feature, we'll likely hear that Maybin wasn't passionate about football anymore.

Of course, it would have been nice for the Buffalo Bills to know that, prior to selecting him with their first-round draft pick.

For Buffalo fans, seeing Aaron Maybin again may bring back terrible memories, but all Bills fans still want to see the people who played in their city eventually succeed. CBS will bring his story into the spotlight on Thanksgiving Day.