Bad blood, between the Nebraska football team and the Iowa Hawkeyes, has gotten a bit worse. The game itself was one heck of a slugfest between two teams that are more than just conference rivals. The Hawkeyes and Huskers have been talking trash towards each other for a while now. It appears that since Scott Frost took over, beating Iowa was a measuring stick for the progress of the program. When the smoke had cleared on Friday, it was clear the Cornhuskers are indeed getting better. There was a lot to like, especially on offense from the Big Red.

One thing the Iowa coaching staff wasn't remotely fond of was when the Huskers came over to the "black and gold" side of the field during pregame warm-ups.

Nebraska football getting up to no good at Kinnick

Video of the Husker players going over to where Iowa was warming up shows more than a few Hawkeyes not being happy with the situation. After the game, several members of the Iowa team told 247Sports the Cornhuskers coming over and starting stuff got them fired up. It's here one might wonder why a "fired up" Hawkeyes team blew a 15-point lead and needed a last-second field goal to beat a then 4-7 Nebraska team.

At the same time, it does seem to have gotten at least some of the players extra "juiced up." The move was disrespectful - coming into Kinnick like that and being disrespectful in such a way, Hawkeyes running back Mekhi Sargent said after the contest.

It certainly seemed like he took it as a personal afront, considering he had a career-high 173 yards rushing.

This incident was one of two that surfaced this weekend where Nebraska football was accused of "bad acts." Earlier in the weekend, a University of Iowa band member took to Twitter to claim NU didn't participate in "The Wave" at the beginning of the game.

Long-running feud some would call a rivalry

Hawkeye and Husker fans love to claim that the two teams are not engaged in a rivalry. It's hard to know what else to call what has been brewing between the two schools.

The Cornhuskers have been talking a bit of trash leading up to the game. Offensive lineman Jerald Foster claimed he "couldn't wait to beat Iowa," after the Huskers took down Michigan State.

Earlier this year, Iowa's offensive coordinator, Brian Ferentz fired some shots of his own. Appearing on a podcast back in May, Ferentz insulted the Nebraska football program without mentioning it by name. "We recruit against a couple schools that talk about their pipeline. I'm thinking of one a little bit west of Omaha that talks about their pipeline. I think they've had like two guys drafted in two years." According to 247Sports, Ferentz was one of the Iowa Hawkeye coaches who took NU's antics before the game the worst. It appears the rivalry is here to stay whether the fanbase wants to admit it.