Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors now include Anthony Davis. The unlikely scenario is being pushed by Bleacher Report, with the end result being that Davis would join LeBron James on the Lakers. It's a good story, in theory, as it would certainly make the Lakers an exciting team to watch. Teaming up Davis with James could lead the Lakers right back to the postseason. But it's not one of those Lakers trade rumors that have a high probability of taking place, no matter how many times that Bleacher Report tries to push the story.

Anthony Davis contract situation

The New Orleans Pelicans have Anthony Davis under contract through at least the 2019-20 NBA season. Davis then has a player option for the 2020-21 NBA season, but it has long been expected that he would choose to opt out instead. If the franchise feels that he is going to opt out, then the most value from a trade would come during the current NBA season. Dealing someone with the talent of Davis would set the franchise back a bit unless they acquired a lot of talent in return. Enter the Lakers as a possibility.

In four games for the Pelicans this season, Davis has averaged 27.3 points, 13.3 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 3.8 blocks, and 2.5 steals per game. Those are numbers that will have Davis in the running for the NBA MVP Award this year.

He is likely about to become a Western Conference All-Star for the sixth-straight season, as well. Those are numbers and accomplishments that raise the price for any team to try to acquire him before the 2019 NBA trade deadline.

More NBA trade rumors about Lakers

Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors have linked Kevin Love to the Lakers.

Love could also be a player that improves the Lakers' roster, but he is older than Davis and has a difficult time staying healthy. This season, Love has already missed several games for the Cavs, but the team is also not going to push him. As they are heading right to the top of the 2019 NBA Draft, there won't be a rush to get Love back on the court.

Come January, he could then get ushered out the front door, with Los Angeles listed as a possible destination.

So why would the New Orleans Pelicans even entertain Anthony Davis trade chatter? With a team like the Lakers, there are a lot of young players on the roster that could help a new franchise. So far, those players haven't done very well with LeBron James, which could lead to the front office seeking out players that will work well with James on the court. Davis definitely looks, on paper, like someone who could help the franchise for many years to come.

When the Lakers beat the Suns last week, it showed what the team might be able to do when everything comes together. It hasn't stopped the Lakers trade rumors, though, as the team is just 2-5 through its first seven games.

If this group of players can't turn things around quickly, then even if Anthony Davis isn't the big prize, there are going to be a lot of additional Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors before the February deadline. Getting Davis would certainly be nice, though, as he is a player the team could build around as James starts to age.