As a wide receiver on a Nebraska football team that is now 2-6, JD Spielman likely isn't going to win many awards this year. What his performances are doing, is showing the kind of player he is, and setting the stage for taking home a lot of hardware in 2019. Considering his talent and versatility, one has to think he might even qualify for the shortlist on the Heisman watch. That might sound like a bit of a stretch, but the fact of the matter is, there is always someone who comes out of nowhere to compete for that award, even if it isn't all season long.

He will be junior and is already looking like a force to be reckoned with. If he can continue to add to his game, as he did on October 27 against Bethune Cookman, it's going to be hard to argue against him. This is especially true if the Huskers are markedly better next season.

JD Spielman will be 'the man' in 2019

The biggest factor in the Nebraska football star's rise to fame and fortune is simply the fact that he will be the lone go-to receiver on the team next year. The last two seasons, Spielman has had to share the spotlight and the catches with Stanley Morgan Jr. Certainly, that's made both players better, but it also means that neither stands out as the guy who is going to lead the Huskers in catches every game.

Morgan is gone after this season. So far, there hasn't been a wide receiver to stand up and show he's willing to take over that role. That could mean Scott Frost's offense will run through the now-sophomore even more. At least until they can find a receiver that will indeed be able to step up. Considering Spielman is already two catches away from his career high, with four games to go, it's not insane to think he's going to put up eye-popping numbers next year.

Nebraska football will return to national stage

One of the side effects of a 2-6 season, is that most of the talk about the Huskers is negative. If there is talk from the national media at all, it's about how the team is struggling. With Adrian Martinez, who is trying to prove he is the best freshman quarterback, and Maurice Washington a year older, and if JD Spielman can produce up to his capabilities next season, it could be a very special season for the Huskers offense in general.

In what could have been a season of struggles for JD Spielman, he grew into an even better player. Despite what will likely be a losing season, the Nebraska football team's offense looks to be turning a corner. That could mean very big things in 2019.