What we learned from Nebraska football's game against Bethune Cookman

The Cornhuskers won the game 45-9 over an FCS opponent and there was plenty to learn from the result.

The Nebraska football team handled their business on Saturday (October 27) as they beat Bethune Cookman, 45-9. There were some good and some bad lessons that were learned against the FCS opponent. Below are the top five.


The defense still needs lots of work

Yes, the Nebraska football team only allowed nine points. Yes, the only touchdown allowed was against the 4th team. Still, the starting defense looked downright bad, at times. That's especially true of the defensive line, when talking about the quality of the opponent. As a whole, the defense played well enough to dominate Bethune Cookman, but there's still quite a bit of work to do against opponents with a pulse. 355 yards allowed to Bethune Cookman is just too many.


Maurice Washington is a special talent

Yes, he only had 48 yards, but those were all in the first half. What you won't see in the box score, is the effortlessness in the way he changes direction. His vision is getting better the more playing time he gets. When he is the featured back next year, he could be one of the best in the country, pretty easily.


Adrian Martinez still needs to be more careful with the football

Make no mistake, Adrian Martinez is one of the better quarterbacks in the Big Ten. He also still has some things to clean up. Martinez was 15-of-22 for 213 yards and two touchdowns. All in the first half. He also had an interception and almost had a second one late in the first half. He's got to get more careful with the ball. If he can do that, this kid is going to be a feared player in the conference over the next few years.


This team has confidence and that could be dangerous

The Nebraska football team came out with a lot of confidence in this game. Part of that was who they were playing. Part of it was last week. The offense was absolutely deadly, and make no mistake, if the backups hadn't played the entire second half, this could have been a 70-point game. Keep building confidence and games against Michigan State and Iowa become real interesting.


Stanley Morgan is back

It had been a quiet season for the senior receiver. Coming into the Minnesota game, he had 27 catches, 393 yards, and one touchdown. In the last two games, he's had 17 catches for 245 yards and four touchdowns. Getting him involved in the offense, like he has the last two games, is going to be huge, moving forward.

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