The odds to win the 2019 Super Bowl are changing quicker than the New York Stock Exchange -- at least for one team, that is. Can one man really make a team’s chance to win a championship improve tenfold? LeBron James did it in Cleveland and Tom Brady still does it in New England, but how about Khalil Mack in Chicago? It seems that Mack has that power as well!

Bears rise

When the Chicago Bears pulled off the shocking trade to acquire stud defensive end Khalil Mack from the Oakland Raiders this week, it not only got the attention of NFL fans but Las Vegas sportsbooks as well.

According to Pro Football Talk, this single move to acquire Mack has changed the Bears' odds from 100/1 odds to 40/1 to win the Super Bowl next February. That is a huge jump, as in massive, but is this move just fool’s gold? It has to be, and the over/under total win prop bets explain why.

Westgate Las Vegas’ Jeff Sherman made the bold move of changing the Bears’ Super Bowl odds from 100-1 to 40-1 after the trade, but he only increased Chicago’s over/under win total from 6.5 to 7.5 wins. Seven wins won’t even make the postseason in the stacked NFC.

Reason for faith

While this big jump on the Bears seems like nonsense, maybe it isn’t. After all, the NFC has sent nine different teams to the Super Bowl over the past eleven seasons, and a few of them, including last season's Philadelphia Eagles, were not amongst the top ten favorites when the year began.

Mack does bring an awesome weapon to Chicago, as he has clearly been one of the biggest threats to sack the quarterback over the past three seasons. In 2015, Mack recorded 15 sacks. In 2016 he had 11 and last year he recorded 10.5. Those numbers are incredible, yet they don't tell the whole story.

Mack is a constant threat, not only to the quarterback, but to the entire opposing offense.

He demands several double teams a game and is the first man the opposing offense looks for when they run up to the line of scrimmage. Yes, he is that good, but what makes him great is that he demands so much attention from the offensive line that he opens up the field for his 10 teammates to do well.

The Eagles were 30/1 at this time last year.

Just something to keep in mind.

While the Bears' big jump from 100/1 to 40/1 has fans buzzing, it still puts Chicago outside the top 10 teams favored to claim the 2019 championship. The New England Patriots are still the early favorites at 7/1, followed by the Los Angeles Rams at 8/1.