Is Khalil Mack on the verge of signing with the Detroit Lions? With the 2018 NFL preseason schedule winding down, several big named players are still looking for a place to call home, including defensive star Khalil Mack, who has been linked to several teams.

Rumors in the NFL, like Dez Bryant going to the Patriots, are a dime a dozen, however, when a rumor is coming from a good source it usually has some strong credibility to it. According to Detroit Sports Nation, Mack is allegedly meeting with the Lions on Monday (August 27).

Motown meeting

The source of this rumor comes via Twitter, from 97.1 The Ticket sports personality, Dan Leach.

Leach tweeted out Sunday (August 26) that he believes that Mack is in Detroit, and is scheduled to meet with the Lions front office on Monday.

The only problem? Leach’s source was his limo driver. Now, before you dismiss this as hearsay, some of the best and most reliable news travels via word of mouth, and who better to get the info first than a man who drives around big-wigs for a living? Stranger things have happened!

Mack in demand

One thing NFL fans know for sure is that Mack is going to be playing somewhere very soon.

The longer he holds out the more money he loses. Also, you know that the Raiders have to be ready to strike a deal to trade Mack, especially since he can walk away from Oakland next season as a free-agent.

According to the Sporting News, the Raiders have not ruled out trading Mack at this point. While over 12 teams have indicated that they have interest in talking to Mack, the Sporting News indicates that four teams have serious interest.

While they don’t name the teams, CBS Sports reports that the New York Giants, along with Jets, both want in on the Mack sweepstakes. Two teams that have been mentioned are the Green Bay Packers and yes, the Detroit Lions. With new head coach Matt Patricia in charge, it will be interesting to see what transpires if and when Mack meets with the Lions front office Monday.

Mack is considered to be one of the best defensive ends in the game today, and in Detroit’s case, adding someone who can pressure the quarterback as much as Mack has in his first four seasons, would be just what the doctor ordered. Obviously, for a deal to be made, the Lions, or any team for that matter, will most likely have to give up a player or two, not to mention a high draft pick as well.

In Mack's first four seasons as a pro, he has been nothing short of dominating for the Oakland Raiders. Mack has recorded 40 sacks and 231 tackles in his young career. Mack also won the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award.