While it might seem like NBA rumors have died down since LeBron James signed with the Lakers, that hasn't been the case. The Lakers have continued to add more players to the roster since James' signing, including signing point guard Rajon Rondo on Monday after the team lost Julius Randle to the Pelicans. There had been rumors that DeMarcus Cousins might be joining the LA Lakers next, but he has chosen the Golden State Warriors. That leaves a few NBA free agents out there for the Lakers including Tyreke Evans. Another name that has also popped up in recent rumors is Chris Bosh.

Bosh's exit & potential return

Chris Bosh retired from the league in 2017 after dealing with an ongoing battle with the Miami Heat over his ability to play. That was due to blood clots and the blood thinner medication he had to take. Due to the risks of taking these medications in terms of "fatal risks," Bosh was unable to return to action with the Miami Heat. However, it appears he could have a chance at a comeback.

As a source told Sporting News, Bosh could try to petition the league to allow him to play again in the upcoming NBA season. It's mentioned that he could make a case that the newer blood-thinning meds are more advanced and bring fewer risks. Bosh could also convince the league that him playing with said risks is "all on him" in terms of responsibility, rather than the league's responsibility.

One thing that is in Bosh's favor if he's trying to get back into the league with the Lakers is their GM Rob Pelinka.

He was Bosh's agent before the former NBA All-Star had to retire. The two have a close relationship, and Pelinka may be able to figure out how to bring Bosh to LA.

Reunion with LeBron James?

Chris Bosh already has a good history with LeBron James from their days on the Miami Heat. The duo, along with Dwyane Wade, went on to win two championships together.

It was considered another instance of a "Big Three" teaming up in order to win a title. With that said, the LA Lakers don't really have a "Big Two" at the moment. It's unknown if Bosh would return to the NBA at a level that makes him part of a "Big Two."

If Chris Bosh is healthy and good to go, he could offer good production for the Lakers. Bosh has career averages of 19.2 points, 8.5 rebounds, and two assists per game along with a 49.4 percent field-goal rate. In his most recently-played NBA season, he participated in just 53 games but averaged 19.1 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per contest.

So far these are just NBA rumors, and most likely the league is interested in protecting themselves and the players who compete for them.

Chris Bosh could still have a lot left to give to a team like the Los Angeles Lakers and could still be able to contribute. It's quite possible that Bosh could make a strong enough argument to return to action. A lot will need to be weighed in terms of his decision, but based on past interviews, he's seemed intent on coming back too.

It would certainly be an amazing feat for Chris Bosh to finally get back on the court. Teaming up again with LeBron James on the new Lakers roster might make it that much sweeter.