On the Fourth of July the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island took place. Joey Chestnut, aged 34, the winner of last year’s contest competed once again, only this time, he broke a world record for the most hot dogs eaten. He managed a total of 74 hot dogs in ten minutes, according to ESPN. Joey Chestnut has won the contest 11 straight times, including this year’s contest.

The second place winner, Carmen Cincotti, ate 64 dogs, ten less than Chestnut. According to an NBC report, the judges were off, but Chestnut still ended up winning the contest.

The champion is crowned

According to a report from NBC, Chestnut said, “I found a vicious rhythm, and was feeling good today,” after it ended. He was loving the feeling of victory for the 11th consecutive time. He took home $10,000 as the first-place winner, with Cincotti finishing right behind him.

Miki Sudo, a female contestant who finished in second-place, was the women’s top competitor, according to ESPN. She took home the top prize for a fifth consecutive time by eating 37 hot dogs.

Chestnut not affected by the extreme heat

While there were obvious winners, there was also scorching heat that the contestants were competing in. According to NBC, the people who attended “braved 83-degree temperatures and a heat index of 91 degrees.

While the weather wasn’t great, the attendees and contestants still had a great time, breaking records and all. The heat did not stop Chestnut, as he was still able to consume 74 hot dogs in ten minutes.

Every year, Chestnut always dominates the competition no matter what the weather is, and this year was no different. He keeps on surprising people when they least expect it.

No one expected him to break a world record, let alone, win it for 11 consecutive times.

Miscount error during the contest

According to an NBC report, Chestnut originally had an added total of 72 hot dogs, but then was confirmed to have eaten 74, two more than what was originally calculated. According to NBC, an ESPN reporter, Darron Rowell, said, “Electronic counters need to brought into competitive eating, I love the sport, but today was a massive black eye.”

The error that occurred is an eye opener to reliable technology being used for events that may seem reliable but may show glitches from time to time.

According to the report, new judges will be used next year, as Chestnut and Cincotti refused to accept their tallied numbers.

While we celebrated America’s birthday on Wednesday, we also celebrated a world record being broken at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. This year’s contest was a great success, aside from a few technical glitches. The contest will return next year and Chestnut will most certainly make another appearance to continue his winning streak.