The Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance to come back in the 2018 NBA Finals, after galling back two games to none to the Golden State Warriors. However, the odds are stacked against them, something that LeBron James said that he is used to. However, even bigger odds are stacked against the Cleveland franchise, who has a very good chance to lose LeBron after the season ends. He can opt out of his contract and leave the Cavs via free agency unless Cleveland does something big to help keep him. The good news is that that Cavaliers have a plan to keep LeBron in Cleveland and it involves their NBA Draft picks.

LeBron James needs better teammates

The biggest thing that LeBron James needs when it comes to staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers is better teammates. When the Cavs went to the NBA Finals the first three seasons after LeBron returned, it was with LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love manning a triplets unit that ran all over the Eastern Conference.

This season, Kyrie left for the Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas couldn't match up talent-wise, especially on defense. The Cleveland Cavaliers then traded Thomas, as well as newcomers Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, to get younger players in George Hill, Larry Nance Jr. Rodney Hood and Jordan Clarkson. Th idea was to give young building blocks for LeBron James to work with.

None of those players have matched up talent-wise and all the Cleveland Cavaliers have is LeBron James and Kevin Love carrying a lot of lesser-experienced players into the NBA Finals. However, the Cavs have the eighth overall pick in the NBA Draft and Cavs Nation reports that they will use that pick to trade for a player in order to keep James in Cleveland.

Cleveland working on keeping LeBron

Bringing in a star player to team with LeBron James is worth more than whoever the Cleveland Cavaliers could draft with the eighth overall draft pick. While Cavs fans would love to see someone come in like Kawhi Leonard, that won't happen but the Cavs Nation reports that Charlotte Observer reporter Rick Bonnell said that the Hornets would be willing to trade Kemba Walker for the eighth overall pick.

The report indicates that the Cleveland Cavaliers would be able to convince LeBron James to stay with the franchise if they put Kemba Walker in the lineup rather than a rookie to add to the roster of young players they just traded for. However, the Cavs will want LeBron to commit to them because bringing in Walker on a one-year deal and giving up that NBA Draft pick would hurt the Cavs for years to come.