The XFL comeback attempt is still over a year away, but the news is trickling out as personnel is being put in place. Just recently, it was revealed that the league had figured out who the XFL commissioner and CEO will be. Oliver Luck was announced as the man taking the position, and now details are emerging about his anticipated salary. It looks like Luck stands to make at least $20 million and possibly more, per a new report about the league. In addition, it appears Luck will be on board to enforce the major policies that the league is going to institute.

Commissioner Luck's salary potential

A report from Bleacher Report (via Sports Business Journal) indicates that the new XFL commissioner will receive at least $20 million for his salary. If the league is successful, that amount could be even more. The report goes on to say Luck stands to make up to $30 million guaranteed depending on how well the relaunched XFL does. He'll bring a resume to the job that includes working as the executive vice president for regulatory affairs in the NCAA office.

Wall Street Journal senior sports reporter Rachel Bachman first tweeted the news about Luck's salary.

The move to bring Luck on board as the commissioner has been praised by some fans and reports out there, saying it could lend credibility to the XFL's return in 2020.

Luck comments on XFL policy

Oliver Luck is a former quarterback and NFL executive as well. He's also the father of a popular NFL star -- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. As the commissioner for the XFL, it seems like Luck will be working to enforce the policies the relaunched league wants most. That includes making sure their players stand for the national anthem, something that the NFL has been having issues with.

Luck commented about that last week, saying that while they "respect individual freedoms," the XFL will require their players to stand for the national anthem.

Earlier this year, Vince McMahon (with Alpha Entertainment LLC) announced that he was bringing back the XFL in 2020. During the announcement in January, Vince McMahon was asked if his XFL league in 2020 will receive support from President Donald Trump.

McMahon, who is known to be a friend and business colleague of Trump's, suggested that the rebooted XFL won't involve politics. He added that the league's mission is to offer "really good Football" above everything else.

The new XFL is scheduled to arrive in early 2020 with a total of eight teams to play in the relaunched league's first season. As of this report, those eight XFL teams have not been officially decided upon. However, with a commissioner in place, the league is starting to move in the right direction for better football. The next steps will involve seeing which cities get teams, and which players will participate in the rebooted football league.