This is the XFL! Those were the famous words uttered by WWE and XFL creator Vince McMahon back on February 3, 2001, when the inaugural XFL game between the Las Vegas Outlaws and the NY/NJ Hitmen took place. After one season the league was history. Now, 17 years later McMahon is prepping for a return to the gridiron, and this time he believes the league will be here to stay.

CBS Sports indicates that McMahon recently sold 3.34 million shares of WWE stock, which was valued at $100 million dollars or so, in order to help fund his new company Alpha Entertainment.

When McMahon first sold the stock, rumors were spreading instantly that he may be thinking of retiring or restarting the XFL. We should have known that the 72-year-old was never thinking of retirement!

Tebow, Manziel, Kaepernick suiting up?

During McMahon’s interview this afternoon regarding the XFL’s return, he was asked if former NFL players were invited to try out for a team - namely Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, or Colin Kaepernick. McMahon’s answer was simple.

“Anyone who has integrity and can play the game well is welcome to try out for the XFL.”

While McMahon did not name names, he did indicate that he didn’t want anyone in the league that has felonies or been arrested for a DUI. So how about Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel or Colin Kaepernick?

Each one of these guys can draw attention to a team instantly, however, after hearing his press conference today, it seems McMahon is all in on the XFL - meaning he doesn’t want a player or players in the league just for attention. He wants good Football players, period.

It seems Johnny Football may be interested in the XFL after this tweet from earlier today.

However, Manziel may not be eligible for the XFL due to his prior run-ins with the law.

When specifically asked about the National Anthem and Colin Kaepernick, McMahon said once again, any good football player is welcome, but he also mentioned how he believes the National Anthem is part of the game, and he will lay ground rules before the league begins in 2020.

Sites, cities to be determined

So what cities will have a team competing in the XFL in 2020? As of right now, McMahon said he isn't sure of the locations at this time, but he did say a team could pop up "anywhere." While we don't what cities will have an opportunity to have a team, we do know that the previous eight cities in the first go-round of the XFL did well in drawing fans.

Back in 2001, the XFL was made up of eight teams and two divisions.

The Eastern division consisted of the Orlando Rage, Chicago Enforcers, NY/NJ Hitman and the Birmingham Thunderbolts. The Western division included the Los Angeles Xtreme, San Francisco Demons, Memphis Maniax and the Las Vegas Outlaws. The one and only XFL championship went to the LA Xtreme when they defeated San Francisco in "The Million Dollar Game."

Only time will tell whether the XFL will be successful this time around, but don't put anything by a determined Vince McMahon.