The 2017-18 NBA season has just concluded once again with the NBA Finals ending in a victory for Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. But a week later, the name on the tip of everyone’s tongue is still LeBron James.

Will he go to the Philadelphia 76ers? Will he stay back home in Cleveland? Will he join forces with Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, or the bright lights in Los Angeles? These are just a few of the questions that have surrounded the King’s name in recent days. But according to a recent report by ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, LeBron has his eyes set on a team, and it may surprise a few people.

Los Angeles Lakers fans are optimistic

Los Angeles Lakers fans are feeling very optimistic about their chances of acquiring great talent in this year's offseason. Stars like LeBron James and Paul George are becoming free agents, and showing interest in the city. Kawhi Leonard recently requested a trade from the Spurs and is reportedly interested in wearing a Lakers' uniform next season.

One of LeBron’s closest friends is Houston Rockets all-star Chris Paul, and he has been trying to recruit King James to the Houston Rockets this offseason. But Fox Sports cited Paul as saying to ESPN that “Chris Paul is telling folks [that] LeBron ain’t trying to come to Houston; he's trying to be in L.A. … Chris Paul is saying LeBron wants to be in L.A.”

Stephen A.

Smith added that Paul George may stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder and sign the huge extension that they offer him. But that doesn’t mean that Lakers won’t have a stacked team next season with the rumors of Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James wanting to be part of it. Many analysts and reporters claim that the Lakers will sign at least one huge superstar piece this offseason, and the likelihood is that more will follow once they see other big names joining Angeltown.

Cleveland or Los Angeles?

The latest buzz going around the internet in the last 24-hours has been that LeBron James reportedly will choose between either the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, depending on what both teams can do roster-wise to impress him.

LeBron knows how much his city and his hometown means to him, although he also has a house in Los Angeles.

If there is another city that could be a great fit for his wife, his kids, and his whole family, it is definitely LA. This news indicates that the King may be deciding on a move that could write the story of the rest of his career. He may find a place where he can be comfortable both on and off the hardwood.

But it was noted by Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre in the High Noon ESPN discussion during their breakdown of the story, that Chris Paul may not be the most reliable source when it comes to accurate information. LeBron James is always very secretive and we will only know for sure if, and when, it is made official.