LeBron James just came off his sixth career Finals loss, as he once again did not receive enough help to get past the four superstars in Oakland and their dynasty. He is now entering the third ‘Decision’ stage of his career and can opt out, become a free agent and sign wherever the hell he wants. Although the Warriors are just days from winning their third championship title in four years and spent their Tuesday morning celebrating with a championship parade, the biggest topic in the NBA is still LeBron James, and the speculation surrounding his impending free agency.

If you have been scrolling down your Instagram and Facebook feeds recently, you would have seen a lot of people talking about the NBA Finals, the Warriors success, and players who may find a new home in the offseason. But easily, the biggest talking point in the NBA is King James and where he is taking his talents next. And Chris Broussard of Fox Sports recently spoke up on where he thinks the King should go next.

A Spurs big three?

Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and LeBron James would make for one of the best big threes in the modern NBA and would be LeBron’s third superstar trio over his career. But not only this, it could be the first time in the King’s whole career that he has played under a hall of fame head coach.

Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coaches and minds in basketball history, and King James has always shown a lot of respect and appreciation for Gregg. It could spell trouble for the NBA if ‘the chosen one’ and Popovich share ideas and minds, and become one of the greatest coach-player tandems of all time.

Fox Sports' own Chris Broussard believes LeBron would be a perfect fit in the Spurs, he said:

“This is where LeBron James should go basketball-wise, San Antonio.

I guarantee you, if LeBron James goes to San Antonio and Kawhi Leonard’s there, he will at least win one more ring.”

More rings?

Although the Western Conference is known as the tougher conference and LeBron would have to face the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets earlier than the Finals, Broussard still believes that the LeBron-led Spurs could overcome those teams at least once, and win an NBA championship over whoever comes out of the East.

But there is no question that the San Antonio Spurs is one of the classiest organizations in the league, and would be a perfect place for LeBron to end his career. We have seen legends like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and more in recent years, end their careers on a good note with a great organization. The same could be done with the great career of LeBron James, and his legacy could be only improved playing under this team.