The 2018 NBA Finals wrapped up with the Golden State Warriors taking care of business. Thanks to Kevin Durant's MVP performance, the team ousted the Cleveland Cavaliers with a perfect sweep, 4-0. Following his second-straight championship win and second-straight finals MVP Award, Durant had some interesting comments about being the best. The remarks may even have been a bit of a shot at the man that many fans and analysts have been calling the best - LeBron James. A report by Clutch Points revealed that Durant may have taken that shot at James.

Durant talks about being great

It's hard to argue that Kevin Durant has been great, but some fans and analysts point to the fact that he's joined a "great team." That prompted Durant's recent comments after he and his team defeated the Cleveland Cavs for the second-straight NBA title. They did so with a dominant 8-1 record through both series, thanks to their newest member, the former NBA MVP from Oklahoma City. It was reported that Durant told Yahoo! Sports NBA how he feels it's easier to be considered the best player when you don't have a lot of other good players with you on the roster. Durant also added that it's tougher to stand out as great with other great players on the roster. The reigning 2017 NBA Finals MVP said he prides himself on standing out wherever he plays.

His comments make sense, as he was the top star when he played for Oklahoma City.

This was clear not only when it was just he and Russell Westbrook out there fighting for wins, but also when James Harden was part of the squad. Durant won his first-ever NBA MVP as a member of the team back in the 2013-14 NBA season. That certainly makes it seem that he stands out where he plays.

LeBron vs Durant debates

If the series had somehow gone the other way (which was highly improbable), there's not much doubt as to which player would have snagged the 2018 NBA Finals MVP.

LeBron James had one of the toughest finals of his career, which some argue was just below the Cavs squad he took to face the San Antonio Spurs much earlier on in his career. That was also a sweep, but LeBron James was still emerging as a superstar. He also didn't have any other All-Star talent to help out.

Durant is basically pointing out that it's tougher to be the "great one" on his team which has him among four total All-Stars. There had been some debate over whether KD or Stephen Curry would take the 2018 NBA Finals MVP Award, and Durant answered the critics. However, as great as he played, his comments may have a flipside. The fact that a team has the number of "great" or All-Star players it does, makes it easier for one of those stars to have more opportunities for scoring and winning.

Durant certainly had those opportunities against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and without him, the Cavs may have pulled out a game earlier in the series in which Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were ice cold. With everything said, Kevin Durant has the right to boast, for the time being, as he enjoys this second title win. As far as even getting himself mentioned as one of the top players of all time, he's still working on that one, while LeBron James is already there.