It is playoff time! The Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers are battling it out in the Eastern Conference semis. Both teams are eager to win and become NBA Champions. Fans of each team are also hungry for a Championship, but some are getting too rowdy.

The "General Ambassador" for the Toronto Raptors, Drake, got into an altercation with Cavaliers player Kendrick Perkins on May 1, 2018. Perkins was signed by the Cavaliers at the end of the 2017-18 NBA season as a role player; he plays the Center position. At the time of the incident, Perkins was not suited to play.

As the players were going into the locker room during half-time, Drake and Perkins began to have an altercation. The video is posted below:

Drake is giving Toronto a bad reputation

Many people reacted after the incident occurred:

According to former NBA Champion and NBA Coach of the Year, Avery Johnson in the above video says, "He doesn't think it is God's plan to mess with Perkins." Kevin Garnett, a former MVP said "'I don't think Drake want that one.'" Perkins has always been known to be a physical player.

Throughout his career, he gave many opposing players headaches because of his strong presence in the paint. Johnson and Garnett are signaling to Drake that it might not go so well for him if he and Perkins got into a physical battle.

Drake wants to be "standing" up for the sole Canadian NBA team. Many Canadians want Drake to continue his trash-talking and make Canadians look like the "tough guy." A commentator on Twitter, @LanoomAES, defended Drake and wants him to continue to "cuss.


This type of behavior has repercussions. Some fans might start mimicking Drake and harass opposing players. Is that what the Raptors organization wants? We can all remember what Metta World Peace, or at the time called Ron Artest did to the fan that threw beer at him.

Check the video below:

Fans should know their roles

This kind of behavior is not needed in the NBA. Drake is a great musician and a good ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. I understand it is playoff time and fans and players are more antsy to win.

The NBA should have kicked Drake out of the game for his actions. Rumors say that he even used vulgar language and threatened Perkins. A commentator on Twitter, Anthony F. Irwin wondered why Drake did not get thrown out of the stadium:

Drake is warned by the NBA to stop cursing

Before the game last night, the "Bleacher Report" reported that the NBA warned Drake to stop this childish behavior.

It will be exciting and interesting to see how the remaining games play out. The Raptors got destroyed last night and Drake stayed relatively quiet. Many factors played into the Raptors losing, and maybe the altercation on May 1st fueled the Cavaliers to gain the extra advantage needed to win.

The issue I have with Drake is that he is openly endorsing the idea of cursing at NBA players. I do not want players to be discouraged to come to Toronto to play because they do not like Drake's behavior. It is not a stretch to say that some players are choosing not to come to Toronto because they do not want to be part of Drake's brand of the Toronto Raptors. Maybe Drake is changing the culture on how he wants people to perceive the Toronto Raptors; and I know some people are loving it while at the same time, some are hating it.