The road for Paul George in the NBA has been far from clear and free of hardship. After playing many seasons for the Indiana Pacers and coming up short after facing LeBron James on numerous occasions, George shined as a star in the making in the league.

Over the past couple of seasons, he has been an NBA All-Star, however, the Pacers ended their soured relationship with George and he embarked on his journey to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, although, he has been interested in playing for the Los Angeles Lakers all along. Adding to the rocky road is the fact that he has had surgery on his left knee.

Paul George has a huge decision to make this summer -- choosing to stay in Oklahoma City or choosing to go somewhere else.

The details

Rumors of PG13 having surgery were started because of a post on Instagram with the caption "Good Spirits" while in hospital wear. And it turns out, a report by ESPN, among others, has confirmed that George had a knee procedure in Los Angeles.

According to the article from ESPN: "Paul George underwent a successful left knee scope, the team announced Wednesday." Due to the surgery, George's timeline for recovery is 6-8 weeks, way before the NBA season starts.

The knee was giving him problems during the season, but despite that, he only missed three games all season, according to the report.

Paul George was reportedly dealing with multiple issues: "The knee, the forearm, the hip, those have been the biggest things. He missed two games because of a calf contusion and was hampered by a hip contusion late in the season and playoffs."

Where will he go next?

Paul George has a big decision to make this coming offseason as he can choose to stay with the Thunder or go to a contender.

Things did not work out as planned in OKC as the big three of Melo, Westbrook, and George were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by the Utah Jazz. And for the entirety of the season, the team did not mesh well.

For the season, George averaged about 22 points, 3 assists, and close to 6 rebounds a game, according to ESPN, but he also shot lights out from three-point range at a high clip of 40 percent and 43 percent from the field overall.

His defensive energy was also great as he came up with many steals and showed that he can be terrific on both ends of the floor.

Paul George is a native of California and it is well documented that he can play for his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. Magic Johnson has to recruit big-name stars as the Lakers are on the rise, with the young talent in the organization and a lot of stars heading into free agency. George could be the difference for the young nucleus with Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram.

Although, there are rumors that Paul George could join the process in Philly. The Philadelphia 76ers would be a good fit for him and he would be in the East, which is up for grabs and weaker than the Western Conference.

The only other rising powers in the East are the Celtics and Cavaliers.

Magic Johnson has already been fined for trying to persuade George to come to L.A., but even if the team does not get Paul George, they can make a run at Kawhi Leonard or even LeBron James. LeBron James also has a big decision to make over the summer.

Even though Paul George and LeBron James were adversaries back in the day with James playing for the Miami Heat and George playing for the Pacers, they can pair up to form a super team with the Lakers and compete for championships. As of now, PG13 will be looking to rehab and return to form.

Let the summer commence.