"Why not?" This is the mantra of star point guard Russell Westbrook. The question he needs to be asking more, rather, is why. Why is he always coming up short in the playoffs? Why, with all the talent around him, has he not been able to get it done? I'm here to tell you that I believe it is because Westbrook is an overrated player and one of the most overrated in the league.


Now don't get me wrong, I love watching Russell Westbrook's relentless drive to the rim and his scoring with either hand in the lane plus a foul, but this gets in his own way.

His emotion gets the best of him at times like during the playoff series with the Utah Jazz when he picked up early fouls.

Westbrook is one of the most forceful guards the league has ever seen. He takes it to you from the start of the game till the very end. He does not take the pedal off the metal till the game is over. His work ethic is undeniable, but his tendencies are catastrophic.

However, his drive and aggressiveness and energetic nature get in the way of the team and himself. Ultimately, it causes turnovers and this hurts the team because it allows the opponent to get into transition and instead of putting points on the board, allows the opposing team to score. The point guard averages the most turnovers out of any at his position in the league and he has for a while now.

That is one key aspect that makes him overrated.

According to statistics on Fox Sports, Russ averages turnovers on 16.4 percent of his possessions this season and it has fluctuated between 13 to 17 percent over his career.

If that is not enough statistics, Basketball-Reference shows that he has been first in turnovers, for a while, in the league.

In 2008-09, he had 274 turnovers, in 2010-11, 316, in 2017-18, a high of 381. He has the fourth most of all active players and is now 26th in NBA history. Turnovers hurt a team and Russell is one of the most to do it.

Unreliable jump shot

Now, we all know that the 6'3, 200-pound guard is as explosive and agile as any we have seen in the league, but does he have a reliable jump shot and has he improved over his nine-year career?

The answer is no. This season alone from statistics on Fox Sports, he is shooting 29.8 percent from the three-point line. And this has been consistent throughout most of his career, with the 2010-11 season being his best, where he shot 33 percent from the three-point line, which is still not that great.

Russell Westbrook has not worked on his craft to shoot the ball better. With so much of his game relying on explosiveness and athleticism, it has to be seen how he will perform in years to come.

His mid-range game is also unreliable and cannot be counted on for every game. Statistics on Basketball Reference show that he is first for many years of his playing career in field goals missed. Looking at the statistics he has accumulated 930 missed attempts this season and a high of 1,117 last year.

Stat chaser

Yes, you heard it here. Russell Westbrook is a stat chaser and is more satisfied with getting numbers than creating chemistry. Watching Westbrook play I can see that he steals boards and there is an instance where he got mad at center Steven Adams for not shooting the ball to get the assist, which caused Durant and Curry to laugh about it.

There is no question about Russ's work ethic and the passion that drives him, and getting triple-doubles is no easy feat. I am in no way saying that he does not have the talent or freakish athleticism. To say he doesn't would be lying. I'm also not saying he isn't a good player, but a great one and one of the best, is a stretch, in my opinion. A lot of times Russell works with a low count on the shot clock, putting pressure on teammates to make shots as a last desperation.

Lastly, other players shine away from his shadow

Now, everyone had high hopes for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season with the additions of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. But obviously it has all been a mirage and the big three has not worked out. Why? Whatever you want to say, whether it is because of the coach in Billy Donovan or because of the two All-Stars in general, the point guard has to be blamed. Westbrook is the team leader and he has not been able to empower George and Melo for the season. The point guards' responsibility is to get everyone involved and make the most out of the team and make others around him better along with scoring.

For example, other special players like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard have been able to make the most out of a team.

Russell Westbrook has failed to do so on multiple occasions, proving it is not a falsity. OKC got Paul George for a rental of one year and it seems that he will be leaving and going to a contender with the way things have worked out. The team will be stuck with Carmelo Anthony, who I believe they are using wrong.

Other players who have played alongside Westbrook have shined. For example, Victor Oladipo, who had a lackluster season playing alongside Russ, and even Domantas Sabonis. Both players have been playing outstanding for the Indiana Pacers. And we must not forget that James Harden left Russell Westbrook and is a star for the Houston Rockets, who have a chance to win it all this season.

And let us not forget Kevin Durant, who chose to leave Westbrook behind and has flourished as a member of the Golden State Warriors. This is the case, even though there is a big debate about whether he should have stayed and I believe he could have. They were both up 3-1 versus the Warriors to get to the NBA Finals and ended up losing. Durant is as much to blame for that as Westbrook.

But, nonetheless, these statistics and examples show that Russell Westbrook, last year's MVP, is one of the most overrated players in the NBA.