Former Nebraska football quarterback Patrick O'Brien looks like he is officially scoping out a new home. The man who once looked like the heir apparent to Tanner Lee announced he was transferring shortly after the Huskers' spring game this year. Since that announcement, there hasn't been a ton of movement. That could be because he was looking to finish up the semester. Now that school is almost out, O'Brien is apparently moving on officially.

From Nebraska football to South Beach?

O'Brien let his followers know on Twitter that he had landed in Miami, Florida.

While the instinct is to believe that he might be taking in the Hurricanes, it looks like another school in the area is the actual target. Shortly after he tweeted out where he had ended up this weekend, fans were quite to celebrate the fact that he was taking a look at Florida International.

The destination makes some sense. FIU might be one of the most high profile lower tier teams in the country. That profile is thanks to its head coach in Butch Davis and the fact that he's managed to put together an offense that is rather fun to watch. Now that O'Brien is a free agent, it's clear he's looking to find a school that can allow him to show off what he can do in order to try and get to the next level.

An offense that can put up the kind of numbers that FIU has seen in recent years would certainly show off what O'Brien can do, should he manage to run that offense.

Former Nebraska football star a fit for FIU offense?

In Butch Davis, O'Brien would be playing for a coach that understands how to tailor an offense around his quarterback.

The Golden Panthers were more of a running team than one that put the ball in the air all that much last season, but it certainly seems to be one that could be a good fit for the former Cornhusker.

If there is one drawback to the FIU attack, it's that it does call for a quarterback to run a bit more than O'Brien would have been called on to do if Mike Riley was still at the helm for the Huskers.

Last year's quarterback Alex McGough rushed for just over 200 yards.

The good news is that McGough also threw for over 2,700 yards and 17 touchdowns to just eight interceptions. He also completed 65 percent of his passes. Those passing numbers are exactly what Patrick O'Brien had hoped he would be called on to do when he was thinking he would suit up for the Nebraska Football team. One more piece of good news is that McGough was drafted in the seventh round by the Seattle Seahawks. It appears that if POB does land at FIU he at least has a shot to show the NFL what he can do.