On Monday night, Huskers' athletic director Bill Moos made some comments that got Nebraska Football fans excited. The first comments were that the Cornhuskers were looking to make sure a Black Friday matchup with Iowa was a permanent thing once the current schedules were over. While most fans like the Iowa game, they also like pretending that the two schools aren't really rivals. It was other comments about the schedule that really got social media moving. Saying he thought there were changes on the way, people took that to mean that the conference was going to scrap the nine-game conference schedule.

On Tuesday morning, it appears Moos might have opened his mouth a bit wider than he wanted. Perhaps just wide enough to insert his foot. The Nebraska athletic director said that while the conference has changes coming indeed, moving to an eight-game schedule is not in the cards.

Nebraska football and the strength of schedule argument

What Moos said last night could certainly be taken a certain way. The AD was talking about schedule changes and said that it was something he had been a "bulldog" on. He added that the strength of schedule was not something that seemed to be playing into how the college playoff committee looked at who was going to be in the final four.

Moos added that the way things are set up now, the league's top teams were beating up on one another.

With those comments, it's not hard to see why people thought the Big Ten was going to follow in the SEC's footsteps and go back to eight-game conference schedules. That would allow an extra non-conference game, which could be turned into another win on the resume.

With that not being what Moos was talking about, the comments look more to be about a shakeup in terms of how inter-conference games will be assigned starting in 2023.

Huskers getting a softer conference slate soon?

If there has been one universal complaint from Nebraska football fans since they joined the B1G, it's that they have had some pretty killer schedules.

That's certainly the case this year and next. So could Moos' comments mean that he's been "bulldogging" the conference to take another look at how they decide who is going to play who? We're going to know sooner rather than later.

The man people see as the person who saved Nebraska football said the Big Ten would be making an official announcement very soon. The question now is whether Husker fans are going to be as excited over whatever is coming as they were over what they thought was coming.