The Nebraska Football team hosted a couple of big-time JUCO targets last week. In addition to the positive impression Zach Ingram took away from Lincoln, it looks like Lakia Henry really "had a blast" at Memorial Stadium as well. Henry posted a thank you to the coaches for his visit on his Twitter account on Friday. While there are obviously going to be some who think this is little more than the most basic niceties to a staff that showed him around, the fact that he was visiting at all is fairly big news.

Nebraska football goes after Vols' commit after fierce 2018 recruiting battles

The Cornhuskers and the Tennessee Volunteers had a couple of pitched battles in 2018 when it came to recruiting. Jaron Woodyard, Greg Bell, and Adrian Martinez are just three of the players the two teams went toe-to-toe for. The Huskers won all three of those battles, but the Vols won their fair share of skirmishes as well. When it comes to Henry, the battle has been joined once again, with a bit of a twist.

Henry has already announced he's committed to the Volunteers. There's a very good reason why Tennessee wants to keep this JUCO prospect as well.

Henry is currently considered one of the best players in the entire junior college class. He's a speedy linebacker who looks like an immediate impact type of player for whoever he ultimately decides to join. Tennessee is already having to fight off SEC rivals in keeping the player where he is. Having to also do battle with a Big 10 team, that they've had to battle too often recently, can't be a great situation for a team trying to rebuild its program.

Lakia Henry could be instant starter for Huskers

Playing in his first season with Dodge City CC, Henry showed why he is so sought after by some of the biggest programs in the country. The linebacker notched 110 tackles and 2.5 sacks. He also had 13 tackles for loss and an interception.

This is exactly the type of player the Nebraska Football team would love to lure in. While he committed to the Volunteers on Sunday, there is a long way to go before anyone is signing on the dotted line. It looks for now, as though Tennessee has a bit of a stranglehold on the talented prospect. One has to think that spending a year away from his home state of Georgia is going to weigh on the recruitment. While he's not slated to go back to Georgia, the Tennessee Volunteers are quite a bit closer than the Nebraska football team to home. Still, Frost and company have had a way with kids in that region. We shouldn't count them out for Lakia Henry just yet.