Angel Hernandez is one of the most recognizable umpires in the MLB. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing in his line of work. Umpires are supposed to call a good game and get off the field, letting the players and coaches shine brightest. Some umpires don't escape the public's clutches, though.

Hernandez's name was trending on Twitter on Sunday night for an incident during the national television broadcast. He and CC Sabathia got into it, a moment cameras caught. For a while, it became the story of the game.

An unfortunate incident for the MLB

During the MLB's spotlight game of the week between the new york yankees and the Los Angeles Angels, an umpire took center stage. The feud broke out between Sabathia and Hernandez after the third inning. Sabathia wanted a called strike three on Angels outfielder Justin Upton. When he didn't get it, he became rightfully enraged. That rage festered when the frame came to an end, with Sabathia and the umpire jawing at one another, with expletives thrown in for good measure.

Of course, from there it blew up into a bigger thing, thanks to the spotlight on this particular MLB game.

People on Twitter immediately targeted Hernandez due to a laundry list of previous incidents. On the field, Yankees manager Aaron Boone ran onto the field, ready to defend his starting pitcher. Eventually, things got back on track and the game drove toward a Yankees sweep.

But Hernandez has lost the benefit of fans' doubt.

Hernandez the lightning rod

Hernandez is not popular among fans, players, or the MLB, for that matter. Polls throughout his time in the game, generated by different publications and the MLBPA, have always ranked him among the worst umpires in the game. That being said, the Cuban has worked the World Series twice and the All-Star Game three times, including last year.

Still, he's been involved in his fair share of controversial moments between the basepaths.

In 2006, he tossed the hat of a coach into the stands after ejecting him. In 2013, he blew what would've been a game-winning home run call. After a tough game with the Detroit Tigers, he was famously on the end of a barb from Ian Kinsler that earned the second baseman a five-figure fine.

Hernandez also sued the MLB for discrimination. He claimed that he wasn't getting promotions or opportunities to work major events due to his race. His assignment at the 2017 All-Star Game appeased him for the time being.