Hip-hop star Drake nearly came to blows with Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kendrick Perkins during a recent NBA Playoffs game. The rapper and NBA player had a war of words courtside as the Cavs were heading to the locker room, which ultimately saw security step in. A report also indicates that Cavs superstar LeBron James may have helped instigate the near-fight during the basketball game in Toronto.

Drake and Perkins had words

The near-fight occurred during Tuesday night's Game 1 involving the Cleveland Cavaliers playing the Raptors in Toronto. A tweet from well-known NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that Cavs reserve player Kendrick Perkins claims that he was talking with his former teammate Serge Ibaka who is now a member of the Raptors.

Perkins said they were talking as they were headed to the locker rooms for halftime, and Drake butted in on the conversation, talking some trash toward him.

A report from the website Hip Hop Overload goes on to say that LeBron James may have told Kendrick Perkins to fight Drake. So far, this has yet to be cleared up, but it is known amongst NBA fans, especially those in Toronto, that Drake is a passionate fan of the team.

Its also been mentioned that he may have been heckling LeBron James during the first game of the second-round playoff series, which may have resulted in LeBron giving his teammate the order to fight Drake.

Video footage emerges

A video on Instagram emerged following the playoff game in which Cleveland players are seen walking to the locker room past where Drake was seated courtside.

A few of the players, including George Hill, are shown looking back to see what the commotion is. In another part of the video clip, security or staff from inside the arena are shown talking about what happened with Drake who is claiming he never said anything to Perkins. It was also mentioned in reports that there were more words exchanged post-game.

While Drake doesn't have any official stake in the Toronto Raptors, he's been considered the team's official global ambassador. He served in that ambassador role during the city's hosting of the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. Some may compare Drake to Spike Lee for the NY Knicks in terms of their passion for their teams and heckling of opposing players.

The first game of the series went down to the wire between the two teams and the Cleveland Cavaliers may have gotten the last laugh. LeBron James and company were able to make a comeback in the second half, pulling off a one-point victory in overtime. Based on just the first game, and the Drake vs. Perkins near-fight, this series will probably have plenty more drama on the way for fans.

Fans can see Game 2 of the Cavs vs. Raptors NBA playoff series on Thursday night, starting at 6 PM. Eastern Time on ESPN. As far as the Drake vs. Kendrick Perkins fight, there has been no word on if or when it may officially take place.