When the Dallas Cowboys waived Dez Bryant, most NFL fans thought he would pick up with a new team quickly. However, that did not happen. As of now, Bryant is still a free agent, the NFL Draft has completed, and no one seems interested in signing the former Cowboys superstar yet. There have been some rumors on where he could end up at, but for now, Bryant is a man without a home. Another man who just left the Cowboys is Jason Witten, a man who will one day enter the NFL Hall of Fame. Witten retired right as the NFL Draft was ready to start and it came as a shock to the Dallas faithful.

Witten has chosen to become the voice of Monday Night Football and recently spoke to Adam Schefter on his podcast about Bryant.

Where does Witten thing Bryant will end up?

When the Dallas Cowboys waived Dez Bryant, the wide receiver was angry. He made comments that he wanted to play for an NFC East team so he could make the Cowboys pay for giving up on him. That hasn't happened, and it doesn't look like it will happen. When the New York Giants waived Brandon Marshall, it looked like Dez could end up there but New York already has one primadonna in Odell Beckham Jr.

When asked about Dez Bryant and his future in the NFL, Jason Witten said he believes that he will have some "great opportunities." Witten believes that Bryant will end up with the Green Bay Packers.

Witten said that Bryant can still play at a high quality and that he would be best with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, a man who can put the ball wherever he wants it, similar to Tony Romo before.

Jimmy Graham just joined the Green Bay Packers as a tight end, and the team just released Jordy Nelson in March, opening up a spot for someone like Dez Bryant.

According to Jason Witten, it would be a "win-win" for the Packers, as Bryant, 29, could help them win a title.

Where is Bryant looking at ending up?

While Jason Witten thinks that Dez Bryant could end up with the Green Bay Packers, that is just one of a number of possibilities for the former Dallas Cowboys superstar. Ian Rapoport, a major NFL insider, said that the Packers are a possible landing spot, but they are not talking to each other yet.

The Baltimore Ravens offered Dez Bryant a reported three-year deal worth $21, and he turned it down. Bryant said that he was appreciative of the offer, but he does not regret turning it down. He also said that still being a free agent so long after the Dallas Cowboys released him is his "personal decision."