The Dez Bryant tour is underway. With several teams reportedly lining up to speak with the former Oklahoma State and longtime Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, it will be interesting to see where the flamboyant star lands in 2018.

Packers among four teams showing interest

One of Dez Bryant’s most famous moments occurred in the 2014 NFC Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers. With less than five minutes remaining in the game, Bryant seemed to make an incredible catch against the Pack that would have put Dallas in a prime spot to win the game. After replay, the catch was overturned.

That call still has fans today believing that the refs blew the call. Nevertheless, could Bryant soon be making catches at Lambeau Field for the home team this fall?

According to a Packers Wire report, four teams have serious interest in Bryant, with the Packers topping that list.

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Packers may be interested in signing Bryant as a replacement for Jordy Nelson. Hooking up with Aaron Rodgers may be a perfect fit for Bryant, and could be just what Green Bay needs to have another serious threat on offense.

Along with the Packers, Schefter mentions the Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, and Buffalo Bills as possible top landing places for Bryant this upcoming season.

A dark horse in this race could be the Detroit Lions, especially if newly signed LeGarrette Blount has his way.

Blount took to Twitter telling Bryant to “come play in Detroit, bro!” How much pull Blount has is yet to be determined, however, Bryant playing with Detroit may not be that far-fetched, and here is why.

Quarterback key in Bryant signing?

Dez Bryant had his best success in Dallas when Tony Romo was the starting QB. Under Dak Prescott, Bryant’s numbers fell and that isn’t surprising considering that Romo and Prescott's games are nothing alike.

When it comes down to where Bryant lands this fall it may come down to a quarterback.

Pro Football Talk reports that Bryant's destination could be as simple as choosing the best quarterback. Of course, there is a lot more to signing a player, like cap space, need, and chemistry, but let's just assume that if the four teams mentioned above plus the Detroit Lions were all interested in Bryant. It would almost seem like a no-brainer that Bryant would choose Green Bay, Baltimore or Detroit. Why? Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, and Matt Stafford.

These guys both have big arms and aren't afraid to throw the ball up and let the receiver go get it. At 6' 2" Bryant is one of the taller receivers in the league, which is also a plus.

The biggest reason to at least give Bryant a workout and see what he has left in the tank? Determination and a vow of revenge.

It is no secret that Bryant was upset when Dallas released Tony Romo, but now that the Cowboys have given him his walking papers, he has vowed to prove them wrong - and sometimes that motivation is all a great player like Bryant needs in order to have an incredible season.