The Cleveland Cavaliers came into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals looking to prove a point. LeBron James wanted to prove he could bounce back from his tough Game 1 performance. The Cavaliers wanted to prove Marcus Morris wrong when he said that they couldn't defend anyone. The Cavaliers needed to win to keep the Boston Celtics from holding onto the home-field advantage. The Cavaliers couldn't do it. After heading into halftime with a seven-point lead, Boston roared back to life in the second half and won, 107-94. What is most surprising is LeBron's attitude after the loss.

What went wrong for the Cavaliers?

Like they have all season long, the Cleveland Cavaliers can't stop anyone in the third quarter. At halftime, the score saw the Cavs leading 55-48. However, they had to hold onto the lead with LeBron James headed to the locker room after getting an elbow in the chin. James had already scored 21 points in the first quarter but was slowed tremendously by what was called a stiff neck after the shot.

LeBron James ended up coming back strong from his Game 1 performance. He finished the game with a triple-double, scoring 42 points with 10 rebounds and 12 assists. However, he only scored 21 total points in the final three quarters combined and was not able to help the Cavaliers keep up with the surging Boston Celtics.

Much like in Game 1, LeBron James also struggled to hold onto the ball, giving up six turnovers in the game after giving up seven in Game 1. In comparison, he gave away only eight total turnovers in the entire series with the Toronto Raptors.

In a surprising press conference, LeBron James said that he will "be fine" and then added that he is "not gonna lose sleep over it." That seems like a very lackadaisical attitude to losing two straight games by double-digits.

He didn't even seem to care much to talk about the elbow to the face.

LeBron still not getting much help

Outside of Kevin Love, he didn't have a lot of help either. Love had a double-double, with 22 points and 15 rebounds, but that was it for the Cavs. J.R. Smith scored zero points with three rebounds and one assist in 27 minutes, missing all seven of his field goal attempts and all four shots from beyond the arc.

The only other Cleveland Cavaliers superstar who scored in double-digits was Kyle Korver, who scored 11 points from the bench. The Cavs put Tristan Thompson back in the starting lineup to combat Al Horford. Thompson had seven rebounds and eight points while Horford scored 15 points and pulled down 10 rebounds, proving that the matchup was not as close as hoped.

LeBron James also seemed to not be happy with his teammates -- outside of Kevin Love. In the press conference, LeBron said that he did all he could and laid everything on the line and he can "live with that." He also said that he will figure out how he can help "this team be successful."

Eastern Conference Finals rolls on to Cleveland

The Eastern Conference Finals move on to Cleveland for Game 3 on Saturday night. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have to win both games at home if they want to try to pull back into the series as the Boston Celtics have poured it on in two straight double-digit wins.