On Day 2 of The Masters, Patrick Reed made his move. As most players struggled with more challenging conditions than those presented on Thursday (April 5), the young golfer showed no problem zipping around the course, soaring to the top of the leaderboard. Simultaneously, his name started popping up more on Twitter, with most of the comments lobbed in his direction weighing heavily on the negative side. To a more casual observer of the sport, the role of villain didn't easily take with Reed. Yet it was clear to some golf fans that he belonged in that category.

It was time to do some digging.

Reed in the doghouse

In 2015, Reed faced serious allegations from the golf community. According to a story on Golf.com, he was accused of cheating and theft during his college days, including several alcohol-related offenses, which led to his dismissal. The golfer was never able to really clear his name of the cheating and theft accusations, his combative tone not earning him any fans as he tried to defend himself.

Other stories have dogged him since then. In 2016, Jordan Spieth - much more popular, unscientifically speaking - relayed a story about Reed trying to trash talk Tiger Woods during the 2016 Ryder Cup. Just a few weeks ago, Reed had a fiery exchange with a PGA Tour official, during which he took some unnecessary shots at Spieth - again, not earning himself any fans in the golf community.

His behavior on the course could use some work, too. On Friday, Reed misplayed a shot, which led to an audible curse word being shouted for all live television viewers to hear. It's just not how many golfers carry themselves, especially in the hallowed grounds that host The Masters each year.

Golf fans respond

As Reed made his move, the discourse on Twitter only grew worse.

Here's a sampling below of some of the things people were saying about the golfer on social media.

This fan hates him so much that he'll literally throw the clear love he has for golf away in an instant.

For Chris' sake, let's hope Reed falters a bit over the weekend.

Come on, Clive, The Masters is the best tournament in all of golf! Don't let one guy ruin that for you!

People are literally cheering when Reed fails. Cheering!

With just five holes remaining on Friday, Reed opened up a three-stroke lead on Marc Leishman atop the leaderboard. He'll be in the driver's seat entering the weekend. You'd best believe most of the golf community will be behind someone else.