The 2017-2018 MLB off-season was a slow one. The first big signing came in December when Wade Davis signed a three-year, $52 million deal. The next big signing didn't come until February which was when Eric Hosmer signed a contract of eight years worth $144 million. While each team would love to make a big splash by signing a big name player, there are small signings that also take place which end up shaping the team. Mark Reynolds who hit 30 HRs last year, had to settle to sign a deal during the season which he did with the Nationals a couple days ago.

With lots of Free Agents still left, here are some teams that could use their services.

Jose Bautista, RF/DH

Bautista used to be one of those players who would bounce around from organization to organization, shuffling between AAA and the big leagues. It wasn't until he was traded to the Blue Jays that he broke out and became a mainstay in the big leagues. The 2010 season saw him hit 54 HRs while driving in 124 runs. 2011 saw him hit 43 HRs and the 2015 season saw him hit 40. As a Blue Jay, he has hit 291 HRs and 766 RBIs over 10 seasons. In his career, he has 331 HRs with 927 RBIs and an average of .250.

Last season was his worst of his career as he batted a career low .203 with a career high of 170 strikeouts.

A bright spot of Bautista's 2017 season was that he hit 23 HRs. With the worst season of his career coming last year and the fact that he's 37 years old is the reason why many teams are staying away from him.

Even though he did have a bad season last year, he could still provide a team with some power in its lineup and a veteran in its clubhouse.

One team that's in need of a power bat is the Royals. The Royals currently have Cheslor Cuthbert as their DH which isn't ideal. Another team that should consider signing Bautista is the Rays. They were in contact with Bautista during the off-season and are currently in need of a DH with Span going back to the OF due to Kiermaier's injury.

Other teams that may need Bautista are the Diamondbacks, Athletics, Marlins and Orioles.

Brandon Phillips, 2B

Phillips spent the season last year with the Braves and Angels. He was traded to the Braves from the Reds just before the 2017 season started as they were in need of a 2B due to Sean Rodriguez's injury. He did well in Atlanta, getting 137 hits in 120 games with an average of .291. He then was traded to the Angels at the waiver trade deadline in August. In 24 games with the Angels, he batted .255 while only getting 13 hits. Phillips has a career slash line of .275/.320/.421 and has three all-star appearances and four gold glove awards to his name.

The only logical reason why Phillips still remains unemployed is because he is 36 years old.

With teams looking for athletic middle infielders, he may no longer be athletic but there are some teams that are in need of help at 2B. The Rays currently have Joey Wendle at 2B and Phillips would be an upgrade over Wendle. With the Rays in their rebuilding phase, the Rays could sign Phillips and try and flip him at the deadline for players that would help them in the future.

Melky Cabrera, LF, RF and DH

Melky Cabrera spent last season playing with the White Sox and Royals. Last season combined with both teams, he collected 177 hits with an average of .285. He also got 30 doubles, 17 HRs and 85 RBIs. He also only struck out 74 times. Cabrera has a career average of .286 with 1786 career hits.

It remains a mystery why Cabrera hasn't been signed. He is only 33 years old and has shown consistency over the past few years. He has gotten at least 170 hits since 2014 and has put up a good batting average to go along with it. Going into the off-season, Cabrera was seeking a two-year deal. In the off-season, the Marlins made him a one-year offer which he turned down. While he probably should have accepted it due to the free agent market being slow, the Marlins probably should have offered him a two-year deal as they could have traded him at this year's trade deadline and gotten prospects that could have helped them in the future. The Orioles could use some help in RF and GM Dan Duquette should give Cabrera a call.

Matt Holliday, 1B/DH

Matt Holliday used to be an elite LF until age caught up to him which made him regulate to 1B/DH duties. The 38-year-old Holliday who spent last season with the Yankees, struggled last year, as he only got 86 hits over 114 strike outs and only batted .231 for the 2017 season. He also got 19 HRs and 64 RBIs. Holliday has a really good career slash line of .299/.378/.511. He also has 314 HRs with 1217 RBIs over 14 seasons.

With Holliday being 38 years old and having a not so good 2017 season, a lot of people expected him to have a hard time finding a job for this season. While he is way past his prime, he can be a veteran presence in the clubhouse and can provide some pop to a lineup.

While the Royals have Lucas Duda at 1B, they could sign Holliday to play DH and have Cuthbert as a bench player which he is more suited for. He could also give Duda some rest at 1B by allowing him to DH some games. The Rangers are another team that could take a look at Holliday, especially with the slew of injuries they are dealing with right now.

Other notable names that are free agents

R.A. Dickey/John Lackey, SP

Teams in need of SP: Angels, Athletics, Rays, Braves, Brewers, Diamondbacks, Giants, Marlins, Reds, Royals and Twins.

Yunel Escobar, 3B/SS

Teams in need of infield help on the right side: Rays and Braves.

Brandon Moss, 1B/DH

Teams in need of 1B or DH: Royals and Orioles.