Dilly Dilly! If you haven’t heard that catchphrase over the past year or so, where have you been? The Budweiser beer slogan that was released by Bud Light's official "King" has grown in popularity so much since its conception that the beer giant has made several follow-up commercials and even merchandise carrying the phrase.

Budweiser even teamed up with the Philadelphia Eagles during their Super Bowl celebration parade as Eagles fans were treated to free beer and the newly adopted name for parade day -- “Philly Philly!”

So is the rumor true that yelling out these harmless two words this weekend could land you in some severe trouble?

If you are attending The Masters golf tournament, it might. Here is how the rumor got started.

Dilly Dilly

Every year the staff at Augusta National Golf Course receives a sheet of paper with several words that folks are not permitted to yell. Why, we do not know, but it is just how it is. However, according to the New York Post, this year that list contains the Bud Light slogan "Dilly Dilly.” Why? Once again, no one knows! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Bryce Ritchie, editor at Bunkered golf magazine, broke the story on Twitter, saying anyone who shouts one of the phrases on the list will be kicked out of the Masters immediately -- including “Dilly Dilly!”

While that seems ridiculous, it may be true.

Either way, Budweiser has fired a shot back at The Masters, via Twitter, of course.

The Royal response

Bud Light has wasted no time in responding to the ban of their popular catchphrase by implying if you can’t speak it -- wear it! The King of Beers indicated through social media that they plan to send 1,000 "Dilly Dilly" shirts to Augusta for fans to wear.

"For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly."

This is getting more interesting by the minute! Is this just a rumor gone wrong that has now turned into friendly banter between the two, or could we be soon watching highlights on the local sports station of people being removed from the golf course for yelling out "Dilly Dilly?"

You just have to know that if this is 100 percent true, someone is going to go for it.

And if it is true, for whatever reason, wouldn't it be great if the Masters winner put on a Dilly Dilly shirt and yelled out the phrase before putting on the championship Green Jacket?

Good or bad, one thing is for sure: this will be a side story at The Masters tournament this weekend.