While the NFL's quarterback feeding frenzy should continue through the draft, teams that have been set at the position for years may be looking for some help. The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, and New Orleans Saints all have star quality at the position, but it's an aging galaxy.

Tom Brady's toughest opponent? Father Time

Tom Brady, by most accounts (including mine) is the best quarterback in NFL history. Brady has five Super Bowl rings, and even when The Patriots lost to the Eagles, he threw for over 500 yards. During the regular season, Tom passed for 32 touchdowns while throwing only eight picks.

His quarterback rating was a nifty 102.8. There's one other statistic that comes into play, however. Tom Brady will be 41 during the next season. Tom is the best, but Farther Time is undefeated The Pats currently have Brian Hoyer as Brady's backup. I like Hoyer more than most people do, but he won't be Brady's successor.

Jimmy Garoppolo was the heir-apparent to Brady, but was traded to the 49ers last season. The Patriots have been very active in the trade market and CBS Sports is reporting that they may be looking to draft a quarterback. Regardless of who follows Brady, it figures to be a big drop-off.

When will Big Ben stop?

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has had retirement rumors swirling around him.

Big Ben is coming back for the 2018 season, but beyond that things are questionable. Roethlisberger with be 36 during the 2018 season and has dealt with injuries in recent years. Ben's quarterback rating was 93.4 during the 2018 season. That's pretty much on par with his career mark. Still, the likelihood of his being able to sustain that amount of production much longer seems relatively remote.

The Steelers do have Landry Jones backing up Roethlisberger. They may be willing to let Landry have the reins when Big Ben rides off into the sunset.

Chargers' offense still runs through Rivers

Every year I look for Philip Rivers to slow down and every year he proves me wrong. Rivers will be 37 during the 2018 NFL season. During the 2017 season, Philip threw for 28 touchdowns against only 10 interceptions.

His passer rating was 96.0. It was somewhat of a renaissance for Rivers. Don't count on it happening again. Without Rivers on his game, the Chargers could be in real trouble. Their current backup, Kellen Clemens, is no Philip Rivers.

This Saint can't keep marching forever

Drew Brees signed a two-year, $50 million contract with the New Orleans Saints. Brees will be 39 in the 2018 season. Drew is also coming off an excellent 2017 season. Brees had a passer rating of 103.9 during the 2017 campaign. It marked the third consecutive season that Brees had a passer mark of over 100.

Saints fans have grown accustomed to excellent quarterback play from Brees. However, whatever excellence they get from Brees now is a bonus.

The Saints have picked up former Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage as a backup. Savage figures to be a functional backup, but not a star.

New guests at the quarterback party

The Pats, Steelers, Chargers, and Saints have avoided having to scrounge for a star quarterback for years. That's going to change soon.