Novak Djokovic has been struggling to find his lost mojo for a while now. Aged 30, the Serb holds an impressive record of wins, but he currently sits at a crossroads with his career as a professional tennis player. A former world No. 1 and a 12-time Grand Slam winner, Djokovic started the season of 2018 bearing high hopes on his mind. Having spent several months completely outside of the tennis court made it even harder for him to bounce back. An elbow injury hampered all his plans back in 2017, as he decided to skip the second part of that season.

Now, he's navigating through dangerous waters sitting just outside the top 10. The lack of success during the first part of 2018 led to his latest decision to end the partnership with both Andre Agassi and Radek Stepanek.

Novak Djokovic needs a fresh start

Back in 2017, Andre Agassi embarked on his first journey as a head coach for a tennis player. Picking Novak Djokovic seemed like a winning bet at the time, as the Serb was eager to reclaim his spot. Less than a year after that, they put an end to a partnership that had little success. Ranked 13th in the world at the moment, Djokovic will try to start things over during the upcoming clay court swing in Europe. Holding a 3-3 win/loss pitiful record in 2018, he must start winning again soon if he wants to put a stop to the current meltdown.

It's fair to say that Novak Djokovic ended the most prodigious part of his career once he won that elusive French Open title back in 2016. Almost two years later, he finds himself in a rough spot as the uncertainty looms over his future in the game.

Finding new ways to motivate himself

Being a dominant figure in men's tennis over the past decade or so, Novak Djokovic seems to have lost that yearn that used to propel him on top of any sort of competition.

The fact that he's not getting any younger should be part of the play too. He will turn 31 in May and it's fair to assume that he is heading for an inevitable twilight. But, he may still have left several years in the pit. All that he needs is to find a way to access that inner will to accomplish more.

Back in 2015, there were numerous voices that believed Djokovic would become the greatest of all time.

At the time, he had no rival and one by one, Nadal, Federer, and Murray had to acknowledge the Serb's superiority. The clay-court swing of 2018 is just around the corner and it might give us some precious insight on the path Novak Djokovic is likely to follow next.