The New England Patriots have several holes to fill on their roster as they prepare for the NFL draft. None of those holes may be bigger though than the spot behind franchise quarterback Tom Brady. Depending on who you ask, Brady plans to play up to five more years. He also may abruptly retire this summer. It is really anyone's guess at this point.

If people are waiting on his skills to decline, Brady might play another decade. He became one of the only quarterbacks to hit age 40 and play a good season. He also became the only quarterback to play so well that he won the MVP during that season.

Somehow, the guy really does get better with age.

Regardless, one day he will call it a career and someone other than Brady will lead the team. After trading away heir-apparent Jimmy Garoppolo last season, the team appears poised to take another quarterback in the draft to begin the grooming process.

Who best fits the Patriot Way?

The 2018 NFL draft is believed to be loaded with quality quarterbacks. It wouldn't be surprising to see as many as 6-8 signal callers taken in the first round.

The Patriots have the 23rd and 31st picks in the first round. While each pick may be too far down in the round to get one of the premier passers, the team could package those picks to move up and increase their chances.

Both picks could get them as high up as the 9-12 spot in the first round.

That could be enough to take UCLA QB Josh Rosen. Once regarded as a top 2 pick, Rosen has given way to Sam Darnold of USC. That isn't necessarily to say taking Rosen would be a bad pick, as his falling to the end of the top 10 could be more to do with the current draft order and team needs.

Not every team at the top needs a QB, and the Cleveland Browns have two picks. Though only Cleveland would be dumb enough to use both picks on QB's, it's safe to assume that likely won't happen.

Best fit may be someone nobody considered

Former Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson from Louisville is a dark horse to consider. Draft pundits have not been kind to Jackson, suggesting he switch positions and warning teams to stay away.

The Patriots, however, aren't usually one to be swayed by outside opinion.

Jackson was in New England recently for a visit and the team was left very impressed with the young QB. He isn't necessarily the first type of player you would think of in New England's system, but his overall skill set could make him very valuable to build an offense around. Especially so if you have 2-4 years to build up the player and the scheme while he learns behind the best of all-time.

Jackson could go in the first round, though it is anybody's guess if there is a team out there willing to overreach and get him as soon as possible. This could lead to him falling to the Patriots at the 23rd pick, or close enough that they could trade up and not give up as many assets as they would need to if they had to get into the top 10.