The Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs are seeing a rivalry blossom. The two teams are just a few dozen miles apart and that makes for a natural rivalry all its own. Now that the Cubs are among the best of the National League and the Brewers want to be there, the rivalry has taken an interesting turn. It seems as if Milwaukee, in particular is just plain angry that the Cubs are the better team.

That anger first manifested itself in the rule, from on high, that the team would only be selling home game tickets to people from Wisconsin. Because the two cities are so close together, there are plenty of Chicago Cubs fans that make the trip up to Brewers' country when the two teams are squaring off in Milwaukee.

Because of this, Brew Crew home games tend to feel like Cubs home games.

If that wasn't enough bad blood, Milwaukee's social media team went out of its way to troll the Cubs on Twitter after a come from behind victory on Friday.

Chicago Cubs 2018 motto turned against them

It has become a tradition since Theo, Jed and Joe Maddon arrived that the team takes on a kind of motto for the season. This year, that motto is "everybody in." When the Brewers rallied to beat the Cubs on Friday night, the team's social media account posted a message that included the hashtag #Everybodyout.

On it's face, this is a pretty harmless little poke at a team's rivals.

At the same time, it also shows just how much Chicago has gotten under their neighboring team's skin. It also shows a little bit of immaturity that you would hope could stay away from a social media account.

Certainly teams will jab each other over social media from time to time. It's not generally something that comes off as mean spirited.

This really does come off as being grump at the Chicago Cubs rather than just being happy their team won. It doesn't help that the Brewers' defense allowed the Cubs to stage a rally of their own on Saturday night that saw the team take a 2-1 lead in games won this year.

Should Chicago manage to win Sunday's game, using the Cubs' own motto against them for the Brewers' one win of the year is going to look less than impressive.

The Milwaukee Brewers and the little brother syndrome

While the Brewers are still trying to get to the top of the division, the Cubs have been there for a while now. Trolling their "older brother" isn't going to get the team where it wants to go. That's certainly ok with Chicago Cubs fans that are hoping for yet another NL Central title this year.