The UFC was holding a Media Event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for the upcoming UFC 223. Max Halloway was scheduled to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight belt in the main event. The lightweight belt was up for grabs after UFC President Dana White stripped Conor McGregor of the championship. Following McGregor's takeaway, McGregor mentioned his frustration on social media but then decided to crash the UFC 223 media event in, reportedly, a response for another incident that happened between his ally Artem Lobov and Nurmagomedov.

Nurmagomedov confronted Lobov prior to the UFC media event

Lobov is one of McGregor's allies and reportedly did not take kindly to Nurmagomedov and his team confronting Lobov this week. In response, McGregor took himself and his entourage to Barclays Center where they gained access and headed to the loading dock area where buses that held other UFC fighters, including Numagomedov, were scheduled to depart back to hotels.

When McGregor and his followers, which included Lobov, came in contact with the buses, they created terror.

McGregor and others were seen attacking the buses, that held other fighters, with objects such as dollies and guardrails. Multiple videos of this attack were taken and McGregor can be seen breaking a window of one of the buses with a dolly.

After being restrained, attention turned towards the fighters on the buses.

Reuters reports that fighter Michael Chiesa went to the hospital with facial lacerations.

Also hurt in the irruption was flyweight fighter, Ray Borg. He went to the hospital with corneal abrasions. The female fighters on the bus were physically shaken up about the event.

Chiesa's coach, Rick Little, describes the rampage saying he felt as if "they got jumped." This can speak for itself.

Due to the injuries, three fights were taken off the card for UFC 223.

Chiesa, who suffered facial lacerations, was scheduled to fight Anthony Pettis. Chiesa was deemed unfit to fight by the New York State Athletic Commission and the UFC medical team. The match between Bor and Brandon Moreno will also be pulled after Borg was deemed unfit to fight.

The fight that included Lobov was scratched due to Lobov's involvement with the barrage.

McGregor was charged with assault and criminal mischief

The New York Police Department had put out a warrant for McGregor's arrest. McGregor turned himself in and he was charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

He was held overnight waiting for a court appearance Friday morning in Brooklyn, according to the Washington Post.

After his hearing, McGregor posted $50,000 bond for his release, where he did not have to give up his passport. McGregor is free to return to Ireland if he chooses too. He is required to make contact with his bail bondsman once a week and does not have to wear a tracking device.

White considers this rampage the most "despicable" thing in UFC history.

The new main event was announced to be Nurmagomedov versus Al Iaquinta. Iaquinta will be replacing Halloway on the card.