The NBA career of Chris Bosh looked like it was over. After doctors diagnosed the Miami Heat superstar with a blood-clot disorder during the 2014-15 NBA season, and once again the following season, the NBA refused to allow the former NBA champion the right to play basketball anymore. Doctors refused to clear Bosh to play, saying it was not safe for him to be on the court with this condition. The Miami Heat ended up making a deal with Bosh and the NBA to clear him from their roster, saving cap money, and allowing the basketball star to try to continue his career elsewhere if he could find a way to play with a doctor clearance.

In a recent appearance on the ESPN series "First Take," Bosh said that he has every intention of playing in the NBA again.

Chris Bosh talks about an NBA return

In the interview with ESPN, Chris Bosh said that he has been in the gym working out and keeping himself in shape. The former Miami Heat All-Star said that he can still play basketball and he is not finished with his career yet. Bosh even pointed out other big men in the NBA who stay back and shoot 3's, without playing defense, and he believes that he can "get some of it."

One has to wonder if part of his desire to return to the NBA has to do with seeing guys like his former teammate Dwyane Wade returning to the Miami Heat, where he is likely to wrap up his career back home.

When asked where he would like to play if he did make a return to the NBA, Chris said that he would like to play for either the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors or Toronto Raptors.

Listing Toronto is interesting because, like Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat, that would allow him to finish his NBA career where it began.

However, Chris Bosh said that he will sign with whoever makes him the "best deal."

What is standing in the way of Chris Bosh's NBA dreams?

It is interesting to look at Chris Bosh and his dreams of playing in the NBA again. He is only 33-years-old, the exact same age as LeBron James. While LeBron left for the Cleveland Cavaliers, it seemed that Bosh was going to continue his strong play with the Miami Heat, averaging 21.1 and 19.1 points a game in his final two seasons.

However, the blood clot in his leg forced the Miami Heat to shut him down. Chris Bosh failed his physical in September 2016 and the Heat would not allow him to participate in training camp. While both sides wanted him back, the NBA declared that the blood clots marked the end of his career. Miami respected him so much that Pat Riley unofficially retired his number with the Heat.

If Chris Bosh wants to return to the NBA, the league will have to medically clear him. As he learned before, that will be a huge hurdle to overcome.