There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers and their head coaching position over the last few seasons. After just missing the playoffs for the fourth straight season since LeBron left in 2010, with a record of 33-49 in 2013-14, the Cavaliers decided to part ways with their head coach, Mike Brown. Although being a former Coach of the Year in 2009, Cleveland still felt it was time for a new man in charge, and were very fond of a guy who excelled coaching in Europe. His name is David Blatt. On June 20th, 2014, just over a week after LeBron James and the Miami Heat lost in the Finals, and a few weeks before the King James decided to return home to The Land, the Cavs hired David Blatt.

They rolled with Blatt throughout the 2014-15 season, and it went okay for the Cavs. They made it all the way to the Finals, but key injuries to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love had them fall 4-2 in the Finals. However, after a somewhat rocky start to the 2015-16 season, Cleveland fired their head coach halfway through the season and upgraded Tyronn Lue to the head coaching position. After a championship later that season, the Cavaliers have stuck with Lue despite a lot of speculation, however, their head coach might have been playing for them the whole time.

The player-coach

To LeBron, he is more than just a player for the team. He is a huge piece in the recruiting process, and a large reason a lot of players that hit free agency look to sign with Cleveland.

The King doesn’t just suit up to the games and go to practice. He is 24/7 around the clock studying and keeping up to date with his teammates, their health and how they can work to the best of their abilities for the success of the team. James is known to make his teammates better, and it is not just done on the court with his ability to give them open shots, but also to be a secondary coach for them to look on for tips and analysis.

When a new player signs with Cleveland, LeBron has already studied their game and being a historian of the game of basketball, he usually already knows their skillset. He has a great eye for talent and has proven it in the past with his prediction of players like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry becoming superstar players in the league.

LeBron speaks about his position on the Cavs

It is obvious to most people that the King feels he is a part of the Cavaliers coaching staff, but it is rare that he will admit to it. But recently, he spoke up about his role on the Cavaliers and how he feels like he is more than a player out there on the floor.

LeBron stated:

“I feel like I’m an extension of our coaching staff. I take their commands and try to give them to our players out there on the floor.”