Per Adrian Wojnarowski at ESPN, Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving will miss the remainder of the regular season and playoffs after undergoing knee surgery several weeks ago. It is yet another blow to a team who has been desperate to stay healthy as the playoffs approach.

The surgery was originally meant to remove a tension wire from a past surgery as the knee had healed and Irving was feeling discomfort from the wire still being in there. The plan was for Irving to return to the team during the first or second round of the playoffs. With the loss of Irving, the team's chances of even making it out of the first round have taken a huge hit.

Injuries continue to decimate

The Celtics have been hit by more than the injury bug this season. It feels more like an injury Godzilla as nearly every player has battled through some form of injury that has caused them to miss significant time.

It only took five minutes into the season before newly acquired star Gordon Hayward broke his ankle and was lost for the season. Marcus Smart, frustrated after a road game, punched a picture in his hotel room and lacerated his hand. Marcus Morris has dealt with multiple injuries but has been able to come back time and again to the depleted lineup.

The team recently played a game in Milwaukee with no point guards on the roster. It was an admirable effort, as players took turns running the point, but the deficiencies were evident as they lost.

Playoff chances?

The Celtics' playoff chances were already hard hit as they hoped to survive long enough to get Irving and Smart back. There was outside hope until recently that Hayward may even be able to get back on the court, but at this point rushing him back is not worth it and unlikely to happen.

A first round match-up with either Washington, Miami or Milwaukee presents a host of problems.

Each team has a talented backcourt that will give Boston all types of problems without Irving or Smart out there. Even if Boston can continue the magic that they have shown in weathering these injuries so far, the second round will likely see them playing either Philadelphia or Cleveland -- two teams that are playing at the top of their game and are fully healthy.

To say Boston would have no shot against either is just an unfortunate truth now that Irving is gone.

The season felt lost when Hayward went down. Despite another amazing season by head coach Brad Stevens, it is hard to see Boston making it much further than the first round, if they even get that far.