Lately, Lamar Jackson news is flooding the media. His mother is acting as his agent. Teams are not getting callbacks from him. Running quarterbacks do not make it in the NFL. However, these criticisms cannot downplay the quarterback's upside. A former Heisman Trophy winner, Jackson is only 21 years old and can only get better with the right coaching. With the Buffalo Bills holding the 12th pick in the NFL Draft and with plenty of holes to fill on the team, will the franchise select Jackson? Here is the why Buffalo may take a chance on the Louisville Cardinals quarterback.

10,000 yards in two seasons

Despite Jackson being a running quarterback that has not detracted from his passing yards. According to Sports Reference, in his last two seasons with the Cardinals, the quarterback has thrown for over 7,000 yards and rushed for about 3,000 yards. With 45 touchdowns this season and 51 touchdowns in 2016, Jackson is not afraid to pull the trigger. Being reticent on passing the ball is something that former Bills’ quarterback Tyrod Taylor struggled with during his three years with the team.

Taylor versus Jackson

Moving the ball downfield has been an issue for the Buffalo. However, Jackson is already further ahead than Taylor was during his college days at Virginia Tech.

In his four years with the team, Taylor only passed for about 7,000 yards and rushed for 2196 yards, as stated by Sports Reference. In comparison, Jackson has rushed for over 4,000 yards in only three seasons and has 119 total touchdowns. How did Taylor compare in touchdowns? Taylor put up 67 scores in four years.

The new Michael Vick?

Many football fans are hailing Jackson as the new Michael Vick. Jackson refused to run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine this year, due to some teams wanting him to switch positions and become a wide receiver. However, he does not need to run at the Combine to prove his speed. Anyone who watches Jackson scramble and sprint down the field can see that he would probably be the fastest quarterback in the NFL next season.

His ability to dodge tackles, make spin moves, and take off on a dime is uncanny. His athleticism and agility put most NFL running backs to shame. Jackson has that extra bit of magic that makes him elusive and a challenge for defenses trying to stop him.

Bills have some massive draft needs

The fact that Buffalo has some massive draft needs makes Jackson a sensible option. While it is possible that Buffalo may trade with the New York Giants for the number two pick, it is just as likely that they will stay at number 12. At that point, Jackson should still be on the board.

Buffalo is in desperate need of wide receivers and some offensive linemen. Picking up another cornerback could also help the team.

With Eric Wood retiring this year, Buffalo may snag a center in the draft. Drafting Lamar Jackson at their current position keeps their draft picks intact. The Bills are staying hushed about their future quarterback plans. Currently, only quarterbacks A.J. McCarron and Nathan Peterman are on the Bills’ roster.