The last six days have resulted in several quarterbacks signing with other teams. Minnesota is dropping all their current quarterbacks. Case Keenum will head to the Denver Broncos, while Sam Bradford is becoming an Arizona Cardinal. The New York Jets snagged Teddy Bridgewater, and Kirk Cousins just signed a huge $84 million, three-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. Josh McCown just re-signed with the New York Jets, and the Bills traded Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns last week. That leaves the team with only Nathan Peterman and Joe Webb.

Does that mean that Nick Foles is destined for the Buffalo Bills?

Quarterbacks are going fast

With many free agent quarterbacks already picked up, a few options remain for the Bills. Cincinnati’s A.J. McCarron is still left on the board, but there is a good reason. The guy has not even thrown 200 passes. Rumor also has it that the New England Patriots made an offer to McCarron. Why Buffalo would want him, when Taylor was clearly an upgrade from him, would be a mystery. At this point, Buffalo may be gunning for Nick Foles. Foles would probably come with a hefty price tag, but he would be worth it.

Foles is in his prime

With the Bills holding a 12th and 22nd firs- round pick, they could afford to give away their 22nd pick and a lower round pick to land Foles.

They may have to part with a draft pick for next year. Buffalo filled some of their holes with the signings of cornerback Vontae Davis, running back Chris Ivory, and defensive end Star Lotulelei. Defensive end Trent Murphy is the latest guy to land in Buffalo.

Foles is a guy who performed well under pressure in the Super Bowl.

That is why Buffalo should consider pulling the trigger on him. Drafting a quarterback is always a crapshoot. The draft odds have not favored the Buffalo Bills for the last 20 years. Think E.J. Manuel, Todd Collins, Trent Edwards, and J.P. Losman.

Nick Foles had an amazing postseason run and passed for close to 1000 yards. He threw for six touchdowns and had a 115.7 quarterback rating, as stated by Pro Football Stats.

Foles outdueled Tom Brady and never took his foot off the gas, a lesson that could have been learned from the Atlanta Falcons’ ridiculous play-calling in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 51.

Letting Tom Brady stay in the game and make a comeback is lethal. He almost did it again in Super Bowl 52, a Hail Mary pass to Rob Gronkowski that was batted away in the endzone. The Eagles’ quarterback can fit the football into tight windows and caught a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, what is known as the "Philly Special."

While it is possible that Foles’ play could dip if secured by the Bills, the chances are higher that Foles could be a good starting quarterback that gives them a great chance to win and advance into the playoffs.