Trusting the process is something that Bills’ fans need to do this season, even more than last year. GM Brandon Beane jumped up the draft board from number twelve to seven to go after their franchise quarterback in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. Everything seemed to be falling into place. With Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold going to the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets respectively, Buffalo still had a clear path to UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, one of the most polished passers in the 2018 draft. When Roger Goodell announced the Bills pick of Josh Allen of the Wyoming Cowboys, many fans did not agree with the decision.

Here is what makes Allen a risky choice that could go boom or bust for Buffalo.

Allen’s completion percentage is low

If one looks at Allen’s statistics, there is plenty of reason to worry. In his last two seasons with the Wyoming Cowboys, Allen’s percentage completion is just over 56 percent. Last year, the quarterback only threw for 1800 yards and 16 touchdowns, as stated by Sports Reference. Those statistics mirror the former Bills’ quarterback Tyrod Taylor that they traded to the Cleveland Browns. With Allen throwing for over 3000 yards in 2016 and 28 touchdowns in 2016, the statistics are better, but not overwhelming.

When examining Josh Rosen’s statistics, they inspire some more confidence.

The newest Arizona Cardinal ended his UCLA days with over 9000 yards in his last three seasons and almost 60 touchdowns, as stated by Sports Reference statistics. Rosen is an accurate passer and smart quarterback that can pick apart defenses. He does not panic in the pocket. Rosen is slated as a starter and will probably be the first- string quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals this year.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, most sports analysts feel that Allen needs a year or two to develop under another quarterback. That leaves A.J. McCarron and Nate Peterman as Allen’s mentors.

Accuracy raises some red flags

Allen’s accuracy is something that makes him a risk. Accuracy issues in their quarterbacks is also something that Buffalo has dealt with way too much in the last 17 years since Jim Kelly.

Tyrod Taylor struggled on the short and intermediate throws. First-round pick E.J. Manuel could hit a guy 60 yards down the field but would miss on five-yard throws. Drafting another quarterback with accuracy problems is frustrating for many Bills’ fans. It is something that is tough to teach that makes Allen a project in the making. Buffalo management is banking on Allen’s potential. While it is possible that Allen may turn into a Ben Roethlisberger, he could end up like draft bust JaMarcus Russell. What SB Nation writer Jason Kirk had to say about Allen is not comforting. Kirk said that Allen succeeding would be a major statistical anomaly when evaluating all his numbers. Uncertainty at the quarterback position is nerve-wracking for a Buffalo fan base that endured 17 years of no playoffs until last season.

A cannon arm and excellent mobility

Physically, Allen may be tough for defenses to take down at 6 ft. 5 and 240 pounds. His body build is like Big Ben. Allen can move well and is extremely athletic. At the NFL Combine, the passer showed off his arm strength with a 70-yard bomb. His accuracy was also improved. Allen is probably one of the most durable quarterbacks in the draft with a ball velocity that is unmatched by the other quarterbacks in this year’s draft. Can he be the franchise quarterback that has eluded Buffalo for so long?

Welcome to the Bills, Josh Allen.