Josh Allen’s racist tweets have become a huge talking point in the hours before the 2018 NFL Draft gets started. On “First Take” it was noted that posts to Allen’s Twitter account contained racial slurs and "other offensive language." Allen tried to deflect it a bit when interviewed, stating that some of his friends may have posted the offensive language.

While he did take partial responsibility for the racist language, there has already been a backlash on social media. In the end, though, none of it will likely matter in the eyes of the teams targeting him in the first few picks of the 2018 NFL Draft.

It can be debated that Allen was only acting like a racist when he was younger (in high school), but has he really changed? Will NFL teams even care?

Allen controversy speaks to athletes getting a pass

The NFL is currently embroiled in a number of controversies, with some fans still whining about Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. Then there are the numerous players who have been linked to physical assaults on women, some of which are heralded as stars for their respective teams. It speaks volumes that there are football fans who care more about someone kneeling than someone else beating their girlfriend.

What does it all mean? It means that Josh Allen is going to get a pass.

Maybe he should, as he could have just been another immature kid who learned racist tendencies from his parents. Racists aren’t born that way. But maybe he shouldn’t get a pass, either, as this is the type of behavior that can often fester and rarely just goes away on its own.

The 2018 NFL Draft has arrived

No matter how anyone views Josh Allen, this is still a kid who is coming out of college.

He has a lot to learn in life and there is still time for him to turn things around, no matter how many racist tweets he may have posted on Twitter. Maybe it’s something that he should have been upfront about when meeting with teams, but he likely feared the backlash that has reached his doorstep anyway.

On Day 1 of The 2018 NFL Draft, which begins on April 26, Josh Allen is going to get selected early in the first round.

It’s possible that the Cleveland Browns even take him No. 1 overall, looking to him to help save the worst franchise in professional sports. Even if the Browns pass on him, the expectation is that he won’t last past the fifth overall selection, meaning that no matter what shows up on Josh Allen’s Twitter account, he is about to become a very wealthy man.