Tiger Woods' most personal details surrounding one of the most humiliating and scandalous times of his life are being revealed in a new tell-all book written by Jeff Benedict and Armean Keteyian that will hit bookstores on Tuesday, March 27. The book, titled simply "Tiger Woods" will recount every detail of Tiger's fall in 2009, beginning with the nasty fight he and then-wife Elin Nordegren engaged in during Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.

Tiger Woods forced to relive his fall from grace

The marital argument that quickly escalated into a violent encounter started after Elin Nordegren confronted Woods about his affair with Racheal Uchitel.

Tiger -- high on prescription drugs -- attempted to leave their home to escape Elin's rage and drove his car into a tree on his property. This was only the beginning of the scandal for Woods, In the following weeks, it was to be revealed that he had cheated with as many as 14 different women.

Celebrity cheating scandals

Elin was devastated by Tiger's cheating scandal. For a while Woods tried to deny all the accusations from the women coming forward, however, he finally caved, admitting his shame and revealing that he was a sex addict. Tiger checked into rehab for help with his addictions and really began punishing himself. The rehab was not the posh celebrity spa's most check into when seeking help with addiction.

He chose to suffer, as his room is described as tiny, with very little furniture. Woods was also completely shut off from the outside world, he had no television, Internet, or phone. The golfer shared a bathroom with others and followed the center's rules and curfews. The authors write that every morning at 3:00 a.m. he was roused from slumber and searched for pills.

This is not the worst of it, as he was also forced to face his sex addiction head-on, talking about and drawing up a timeline of all his sexual encounters from the very first to the present. Tiger Woods' rehab stays ended, but the nightmarish events and his disappointing life choices still haunt him daily. Tiger's addiction to sleeping pills and alcohol were also addressed.

However, in 2017 Woods was arrested for a DUI and quickly returned to rehab.

Ever since Tiger Woods has struggled in his daily life, his relationships, and his golf game. Things have never been the same and his relationship with his children appears strained. Woods has recommitted himself to his golf game and hopes to make a comeback this summer, according to the book's authors.

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