What a nice way to mark International Women's Day! After her 14-month maternity break, Serena Williams made a winning comeback to the tennis court and was afterwards visibly pleased with her performance: "It's been over a year and a kid later and I get to go home to her now, I'm excited about that," she said.

The match

Capping her first game with a 100mph serve and winning it without giving up a point, Williams had break chances in the first and then the fifth game. But it wasn't until when she drew five all that her awesome power and all-too-familiar grunt reemerged fully.

She went on to win the first set 7-5.

In the second set, both Diyas and Williams broke early, but Williams went on to win five games in a row, thus completing her victorious comeback. Commentators were stunned by her enduring power and precision.

Speaking after the match, Williams revealed that here expectations were now lower and the pressure less gripping. She said she felt 'different' and would try to adjust to her new life as a tennis player and mom.

Despite statements like 'I've nothing to lose', Williams' will to win and determination appear unbroken.

Serena Williams' postpartum complications

Pregnancy, childbirth and the early stages of motherhood weren't easy for Williams. In an interview with Vogue, she spoke candidly about her postpartum complications. She revealed that even during pregnancy, she had worried whether she'd make a good mom.

The delivery was difficult too.

When the baby's heart rate dropped, doctors had to perform an emergency C-section. Without a glitch, the baby was delivered and placed on the new mom's chest. However, only one day later, Williams found herself gasping for air. A CT-scan revealed that she had a pulmonary embolism, so she had to undergo several medical procedures because of blood clots in her lungs.

Coughing, caused by the pulmonary embolism, opened up her C-section wound.

It took six weeks before Serena Williams was able to get out of bed after the birth of baby Alexis Olympia.

The emotional rollercoaster of early motherhood

In conversation with Vogue, Serena Williams also revealed how she had struggled with a barrage of emotions.

"No one talks about the low moments-the pressure you feel, the incredible letdown every time you hear your baby cry." She also talked about feeling angry about the baby's crying and the subsequent sadness and guilt: "The emotions are insane."

On tour with baby Alexis

Williams is determined to keep baby Alexis by her side: "We're not spending a day apart until she's eighteen", she told Vogue, only half-joking.

She now has to find a way of balancing motherhood and professional tennis. Among the professional tennis players, the dads, in particular, have been providing their support. Stan Wawrinka sent her a gift, while Novak Djokovic keeps supplying her with articles on parenting using the all-natural approach. As for Roger Federer with his two sets of twins, Serena can't quite believe how he managed to have four babies without missing out on tennis.

Having baby Alexis has changed her ambitions. At this point, she feels she doesn't need the money or prestige of winning, though she still wants to win more titles.

Serena highlights the plight of black pregnant women

Since becoming a mom, Williams has been keen to highlight the potential difficulties black pregnant women face.

It's great to see her back to her winning ways. No doubt, her candid words on all things baby related will provide valuable support to many women across the globe.