During a press conference with Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, Donald Trump hinted at high-level talks between US and North Korean officials. This story was first reported in the Washington Post. According to the president, the two sides "have had direct talks" and "very high levels of discussions" between Pyongyang and Washington are ongoing. Later, the White House made it clear that Donald Trump has not spoken directly to Kim Jong-un yet, so CNN reports. The president confirmed the contact on Twitter on Wednesday.

Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong-un

According to a Washington Post report, the CIA Director, Mike Pompeo held face-to-face talks with the North Korean leader on the 1st of April. Pompeo, who is the president's nominee to take over Rex Tillerson's role as Secretary of State, is reported to have traveled to North Korea to smooth the way for the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. The last time a US Secretary of State visited North Korea was in 2000.

North Korea's nuclear weapons and denuclearization are expected to dominate the Trump-Kim Jong-un summit. According to CNN reports, the meeting is set to take place in late May or early June. It will be the first face-to-face encounter between two sitting US and North Korean leaders. Speaking to CNN, an official familiar with the Pompeo-Kim Jong-un talks said that the North Korean leader had been "personable and well-prepared" for the discussion with Mike Pompeo.

The only sticking point appeared to be the choice of location for the upcoming summit. Currently, five locations are reportedly up for consideration. These include neutral locations in Europe, the Mongolian capital, the demilitarization zone between North and South Korea, locations at sea, and both the capital of North and South Korea.

Kim Jong-un's move toward diplomacy has surprised many

In the wake of Kim Jong-un's nuclear missile tests and the verbally aggressive spat between the two presidents, few could have anticipated Kim Jong-un's move toward diplomacy. Before the Winter Olympics, tensions had reached a boiling point. But in recent weeks, Kim Jong-un appears willing to engage in talks. At the end of April, he is set to meet South Korea's President Moon to find ways of ending the long-standing conflict on the Korean peninsula. According to CNN, the South Korean president is the primary driving force behind the high-level talks involving the US, North Korea, and South Korea.

Donald Trump says the meeting with Kim Jong-un may not happen

Despite Mike Pompeo's visit and ongoing contacts between officials, the US president told reporters that the summit with Kim Jong-un may not go ahead.

Diplomatic efforts will continue with both sides hoping to make the summit happen.

Mike Pompeo's nomination faces strong opposition

Even though Mike Pompeo was nominated as Secretary of State by Donald Trump, many have expressed grave concern over his views on a number of issues. In a statement, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, voiced her opposition and said she couldn't back his nomination:'"I continue to have deep concerns regarding Mr. Pompeo's past statements and policy views, particularly in regards to the LGBTQ community, American Muslims and women's reproductive rights," Before taking on the role, Pompeo needs US Senate approval. Republicans told CNN that they would bring Pompeo's nomination to a vote in the Senate, even though this would be the first time in the body's history.