Opening Day for baseball. No sweeter words have ever been spoken. I am incredibly excited for this season to begin, mostly because the future for the Atlanta Braves isn't a dark dismal pit this time around. Now, we finally have a few legit prospects in the Bigs, or at least on their way. There is now a glimmer of hope. My "friend" Doug said that I am mistaken and that the bright future is farther away than I believe it to be. But he's an Indians fan and they haven't won a World Series...ever. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pulling for the Tribe to do it this year.

My Braves have about as much of a shot to win the World Series as I have to run a mile. Not good. With that let's make some bold predictions.

Rookie of the Year

National League:

Ronald Acuña Jr. - OF/ Atlanta Braves

As Lil' Wayne says, "what's a goon to a goblin?" This guy is the poster child for Goblin Monthly...that's supposed to be a compliment. Acuña tore it up in the minors last year, improving his slash line at every level. He followed that up batting .325/.414/.639 in the Arizona Fall League. He continued that trend into spring training where he hit over .400 with a handful of dingers.

American League:

Eloy Jimenez - OF / Chicago White Sox

The popular pick for this award is Shohei Ohtani from the Angels.

But I've seen this Jimenez guy in person....he's a beast. And I think he has an excellent opportunity to have a monster rookie campaign with the rebuilding White Sox.

Cy Young

National League:

Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers

I know, I know, how bold of me. He's been straight dealing, with no earned runs in 6 starts...and he's Clayton Kershaw.

He'll come into the year hungry to do what he can to get the Dodgers back to the World Series, so I expect a monster year from him.

American League:

Chris Sale - Boston Red Sox

His slider is nastier than day-old Little Caesar's. I think he'll learn from last year as he stumbled a bit down the stretch. Expect crazy numbers from him, and expect my jaw on the floor when I see his first slider of the year.


National League:

Bryce Harper - OF / Washington Nationals

As a Braves fan, it pains me to not put Freddie Freeman in this spot, but Bryce Harper is just that dude. He has the hair of Samson and Fabio...and he's pretty good at baseball. Entering the prime of his career, I'm expecting a huge year for him. Also, with Trea Turner back in the lineup, that should help protect Harper.

American League:

Mike Trout - OF / Los Angeles Angels

If you really think I need to explain this then you should take a lap. I mean, come on. This is Mike Trout we are talking about. Every year he doesn't win MVP is another year where I question the voters. He has the LeBron Syndrome where he is so consistently good that he almost gets taken for granted.

I think he does it this year.

World Series

Indians def. Cubs 4-2

In a rematch of the epic 2016 Fall Classic, I believe the Indians will get revenge in a series that nearly goes the distance. However, I don't think the Tribe as it is currently constructed can win the World Series. I expect them to go all-in this year, make a few big splashes in the trade market, and make a run for the title. In order for the Cubs to get there, they need a bit more help on the pitching staff, which I believe they'll also get.

So there you have it. As a prophet in my own right, expect these predictions to come true. Happy Baseball Season!