The Cleveland Cavaliers had some huge stars that they were looking at before the NBA free agent deadline came and went. However, much like in the offseason when the Cavs chose to pass on names like Paul George and Gordon Hayward, the Cavaliers also refused to spend big on trades for huge superstars. Instead, Cleveland brought in a number of young exciting stars like Larry Nance Jr., George Hill, Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood. It was a calculated move because the Cavs secured young talent that they will hold onto past this year. They also look exciting, with all the newcomers playing like stars.

However, there was one superstar that the Cavaliers were trying hard to make a trade for that LeBron James said could have really boosted the team.

The insane Cavs trade that never happened

The Los Angeles Clippers were remodeling their entire franchise. After years of sitting at the bottom as one of the NBA's worst teams, they finally became a contender with names like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Those two, along with DeAndre Jordan, had the Clippers in the playoff mix every year. However, they never made it to the NBA Finals and Los Angeles blew up the team.

Chris Paul was gone before the season started, heading to the Houston Rockets. Blake Griffin signed a monster extension to remain the face of the franchise and then the Clippers traded him anyway, sending him to the Detroit Pistons.

That left DeAndre Jordan, and the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted him.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers trade for DeAndre Jordan never happened. The Clippers wanted the Cavs early-round draft pick based on the Brooklyn Nets record. The Clippers wanted some talent in return. Cleveland was not willing to trade the pick and knew they could bring in four young stars for the same price -- while keeping the draft pick.

LeBron James discusses the non-trade

LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers lost a blowout to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night. Not only did the Cavs lose, but they also lost two of their starters to injuries in the defeat. Meanwhile, DeAndre Jordan had a monster night, with 20 points and 23 rebounds -- 16 defensively.

As a team, the Cavaliers only had 40 rebounds, or just 17 more total than Jordan did alone.

When asked about the fact that DeAndre Jordan could have been in a Cavs uniform for this game, LeBron James dismissed the talk. According to LeBron, he doesn't play "fantasy basketball" and all the trade talk for DeAndre and the Cleveland Cavaliers were "from the outside." He did say that bringing in Jordan would have "gave us a boost" but it never happened so it is time to "move on."