Cavs Rumors again link the team to Deron Williams. Could the Cleveland Cavaliers sign Williams in order to add depth down the stretch? It’s something that the Cavs have done before and there is a new report by Hoops Rumors stating that he is still available. But are the Cavs really desperate enough to see if Williams has anything left in the tank?

Luke Adams points out that the Cleveland Cavaliers recently signed Marcus Thornton to a 10-day contract and that the deal has now expired. It gives the team a chance to sign another veteran player, giving way to some new Cavs rumors about players that are available in free agency.

Though the NBA trade deadline has already passed, teams can still add free agents to fill out the roster.

Who is available to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Some of the players who are available in free agency include Deron Williams, Marcus Thornton, Dahntay Jones, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, Gerald Henderson, Anthony Morrow, Mike Miller, and Andrew Bogut. Several of those players have been on the court with LeBron James before, so there is some potential chemistry there. It also wouldn’t cost a lot of money to sign any of them.

It’s important to point out that while the Cavs could certainly sign one or two of these players down the stretch, they wouldn’t be expected to see heavy minutes. This would be for depth-purposes, giving the team a chance to rest other players and use these guys in practice or late in blowout games.

Sometimes, 10-day contracts also turn into bargains, especially if a player finds a rhythm with his new team.

Struggles for the Cavs

Despite some personal success from LeBron James, the Cavs have been struggling on the court. The team has lost five of its last 10 games and is barely holding on to the third seed in the Eastern Conference.

With a 38-27 record, the team is only half a game ahead of the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers. The two teams are 38-28 and have been playing very good basketball lately. It shows that anything could happen in the final weeks of the NBA regular season.

These Cavs rumors just continue a trend of the team getting linked to available players.

That included center DeAndre Jordan, who the Los Angeles Clippers were trying to deal before the NBA trade deadline. Jordan could have been a good presence at center, but the Cavs went with youth and depth in a serious of trades instead. George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., and Rodney Hood have a lot of pressure on them to perform down the stretch. Could these Cleveland Cavaliers rumors lead to a new player joining the roster soon?