LeBron James Jr. is 13 years old and already has offers from several colleges to Play basketball. And he should. He's good! I would highly suggest you check out the highlights that LeBron James posted of his Son a few months ago if you haven't already.

Father-son rivalry?

With that out of the way--if Baby LeBron is good enough to play in the NBA, LeBron James will be 38 or 39 when he gets there, so he'll be on his last legs. That said, James still might be elite (or close to it) at 38, because in his 15th season, he's shown no signs of slowing down.

Either way, there's a high probability that Lebron James Jr. won't get drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers, or to wherever LeBron will be at that point. James is a fierce competitor and can be intense at times, and I think it’s fair to imagine his son will have a similar competitive edge. It’s hard to say that a true rivalry will blossom considering that the best player in the world will probably have one foot into retirement at that point. The dynamic could become interesting if he decides to become a team owner of potentially a coach of some kind (but let’s not pretend like he’d settle for anything less than head coach).

I'd especially be interested to see what happens if LeBron's kid ends up playing for one of his personal rivals: What if James Jr.

ends up playing with Kyrie Irving, or with the Golden State Warriors (God forbid)? The dynamic of the league might totally shift if this kid's genes can take him all the way to the top.

Or could they be teammates?

What really piqued my interest about this news is the prospect of LeBron and LeBron Jr. playing on the same team.

LeBron James Jr. would flourish under LeBron. To be honest, 99 percent of players would, but if his kid has even a fraction of the game-sense that his father has, then a James and James squad would instantly have Spurs-like ball movement, barring any personality clashes from the supporting cast.

I’m not saying LeBron and LeBron would become the best dynamic duo ever, or that they’ll start a player/owner dynasty that will define the league for years to come.

I'm also not saying that LeBron Jr. has a realistic shot of playing with or for his dad, especially because LeBron Sr. would have to pull a lot of strings to orchestrate a trade for his own son. I'm not even saying that LeBron Jr. will be good enough to be an NBA player. He has a lot of growing to do, and he might not be the breed of person that can flourish under pressure like his dad is. I'm trying not to make exorbitant claims here, but I will say one thing: I’ve tried it in 2K, and it’s really good.