The summer of 2018 in the NBA is set to be a big one. Multiple big name players are set to hit the Free Agent market, hoping to make a big pay day but also become the key piece of a winning organization. No other free agent name is bigger than LeBron James. He has a lot of options to choose from, but nobody knows what LeBron is thinking other than LeBron. It is safe to say that all 30 teams will attempt to bring in "The King," but who has the most realistic shot?

Golden State Warriors

According to an article written by ESPN's Chris Haynes, the Warriors would definitely try to make a pitch to LeBron James to bring him to the bay area.

Now, for this move to work the Warriors would need to make some adjustments to some of their players' contracts, but imagine that starting lineup. If LeBron takes his talent to the bay the Warriors would be without question the most dominant team the NBA has ever seen. The major downside to this move for James is that he will become the ultimate villain, something he is used to. But I'm not sure he will be ready for the kind of backlash he would receive. Besides the backlash, this move would virtually give LeBron James at least two more NBA titles.

Los Angeles Lakers

"The King" in purple and gold? That's quite the possibility thanks in part to the team LeBron is currently on, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With the trades the Lakers made with Cleveland during that deadline fiasco, they now have the ability to sign two players to max-contracts this offseason. LeBron James has shown throughout his career that he can't do it alone, needing one or two star players to help him win championships. Paul George is also set to be a free agent and coming back to play for his hometown Lakers is something that he has been looking at.

If James and George can get to L.A along with Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers could catapult themselves into championship contention. Let's not forget to mention that LeBron has a house in L.A and his family were looking into schooling options for their children there.

Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron staying in Cleveland is what seems like the best option for him.

The Cavaliers just received some young talent in Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and Larry Nance Jr. from trades they made before the deadline. James still has a star by his side in Kevin Love, and if he does some recruiting of his own, he could bring in some more talent to help him in Cleveland. James can build his legacy as one Cleveland's greatest athletes by staying and winning another championship. If James can get on the same page with owner Dan Gilbert and the rest of the Cavs' front office, he can resign with the Cavs and possibly end his career there.

Houston Rockets

Three ball-dominant players on one team would be pretty amazing to see. LeBron wouldn't have to be the primary ball handler with CP3 and James Harden at the guard spots.

LeBron could focus on his driving and being able to kick out the ball to the number of three-point shooters he will have at his disposal. LeBron could hit the three as well, but he will do most of his damage in the paint, like he has done his entire career. If the Rockets manage to get James, there will be a new favorite in the Western Conference.

All of these teams look like great places to land, but nobody knows what he will actually do. The season is entering the stretch run, so these rumors of where LeBron will go will only intensify. James will be the talk of the NBA for yet another summer, where we will see "The Decision" part three.